>Munich day one

Today we got a ride with Daniel’s Dad to Munich, on the Autobahn, of course, with an average speed of 200 kph. It was a bit scary, but it sure cut down on the time it took to get there.

And here is that famous thing, the clock with the wooden people who turn around…

Victoria has painted bears, but Munich has painted lions, although the lions aren’t all shaped the same

And how could anyone forget about the world cup for soccer being held here next week… The Brazil hooligans were already at it…

There’s a big park in the middle of the city, with birds, rivers, fields (where naked people hang out in summer…. no pun intended)

And in the middle of the city , in the little river, surfing…

I could have watched it for hours!! The surfers would wait their turn, then jump out, and surf that one wave from the outpour, back and forth.

And of course, in the park there is a gigantic beer garden…
mmmm, fish on a stick…

And me and Daniel shared a pretzel, with cheese spread, and a liter of beer – this was a radler, half beer and half lemon sprite.

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2 Responses to >Munich day one

  1. >Enough with the cheese photos, I want to eat cheese! I am on a cleanse, this is so unkind!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Gibts denn Text auch in Deutsch?Aigner G. kann kein Englisch:-)!!MfG Hubsi

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