>Tuesday and Wednesday in Munich

>Tuesday morning we woke up and took the train to downtown Munich, which took an hour..
Then much to Daniel’s delight we headed straight for the used Dirndl store, which I spotted yesterday.
If you don’t know what a dirndl is, this picture will say it all….

I’ve always wanted a Dirndl, and every self-respecting alpine girl should have one. In fact, most girls own a couple of them..
Usually they are expensive, starting at 200 euros, so I was excited to find the second-hand dirndl store.

First I had to pick out the dress part, then try different puffy shirts, to go underneath it. They are half-shirts, only covering the essentials, and with different decorative sleeves… Apparently only Alpine geeks wear long sleeves.

I found a really nice blue dress, and nice white shirt, and was happy, but there is an obligastory apron to wear that covers half the dress. So I picked out a nice white one, which matched, but goes against the apron rule – It must be a contrasting colour. So they forced me into a pink apron, which I tied at the back, but was told only widows tie their apron at their back.. geesh, so many rules..

Then I got the alpine socks, and a hair ribbon, and an edelwiess choker necklace, in matching blue and pink.
Poor Daniel had to stand there for 2 hours, but luckily he was drugged up from a toothache, and didn’t notice much.
So here is the final product, as I had to put it on to model for his Dad.

After all that, it was time for a beer, so we headed for the beer garden by the lake, and had big Pretzels (they’re called Brez’n, says Daniel, write that..)
Don’t worry, I left the Dirndl in the bag…

And an up close shot of the food….. A pickle, tomatoe, pretzel, cheese, butter, and their version of a cheese ball, (“Obazda!”, says Daniel)

The lake was nice, and there were families paddling by in little boats, and hungry geese and ducks swimming around looking for handouts.

And a tree snail in the woods!!!

Then we went to the hotel bar where Daniel worked before, in the Hilton Munich, and had a drink. It was a really nice bar, with a huge piano, which I was longing to play, but didn’t want to embarass him in front of all his friends…

Daniel’s Bar..

The Germans are obsessed with Indians, and have all these stories about imaginary Indian chiefs and their bands, that no-one outside of there has ever heard of.. I saw this in a store window, in the subway.

And me riding a lion..

Wednesday morning we woke up to another breakfast of bread and cheese.. except, this time I took a picture for proof

You can’t see it too well, but on the table is bread, butter, herb butter, cheese, cream cheese spread, red pepper spread, luncheon meats, cherry tomatoes, yoghurt, cereal, coffee, tea…. All so much for 9 am, and I always leave breakfast stuffed.

And then we spent the day at the thermal baths, which you can see here: http://www.therme-erding.de
It was huge, with everything, a big warm pool with bubble jets in some parts and waterfalls and grottos and a circular river -thing with rapids.. It had saunas, and different hot mineral pools one with himalayan salt, and one with magnesium. There was one for circulation, where you walk through little pools of different temperatures. The pool also extends outside, and ends at a grassy area, where outside they have (far enough away, though), waterslides, a tube thing, and a playground.
There are various swim-up bars, and a restaurant, and a palm tree beer garden, outside. This whole thing is surrounded by lounge chairs, and different rooms for sun bathing, with glass, and a colour-therapy room, with gradually changing lights.
For an extra 7 euros, you can use the sauna part of it, but unfortunatley it is filled with naked people, as clothes are strictly verboten in the sauna. Last time, Daniel forgot to warn me and I had a trauma, so I refused the sauna this time.
And naturally, the baths were filled with fat germans, the men all sporting varying icky speedos..

We got home, and went to the brew house with his Dad and Gabi, his dad’s wife, and had beer and more pretzels, and dinner, and after we went to visit Daniel’s 17 year-old brother Gilbert, at his hang-out, the Culture Club. It’s like a community basement for the kids, but decorated really nice, with lights , couches, a bar, a DJ booth, and they all hang out there and can have parties, play cards, watch DVDs, and it’s a place that is all theirs, which is cool. There is a bar nearby where grownups hang out, so the whole family can go out. Me and Daniel hung out there for a bit, and had a beer and a sparkling apple juice, and watched the kids play cards, and felt like two old geeks!

And here’s some pictures of that:

the guys playing cards..

their bar, and the bartender Denis

the room, with the dj booth

That’s all for now!!

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  1. >If that dindrl doesn’t scream fetishwear I don’t know what does!

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