a serenade..

Today is another Catholic holiday, don’t ask me what though.
But in Schladming, there is another celebration going on…
I was woken up by music outside the window. I soon realized it wasn’t the effect of the schnapps from the night before (4 schnapps, to be exact, we were playing dice). It was the music for the awakening of the young virgin. (no comments, please)
150 years ago, in Schladming, there was a young man who wanted to wake his young sweetheart in the mornings with a musical serenade. Luckily, he was a musician. This particular morning, 150 years ago, on the Catholic holiday, he arrived at her house for a serenade and discovered a fire in the house. Because he was there in time, he was able to save the town from burning. The townspeople of Schladming were grateful, since the town had burnt down a couple of times before, and from that day on, a band has gone around to every house to serenade the young virgins.

So I woke up, as they weren’t serenading me, but someone on the next block. And we went downstairs, where Oma prepared some baileys for the guys, and we sat in the driveway, and all the young fraus waited… Me, Antonia, Oma, Leyka, and the little girl next door…

Before long they marched up the driveway, and played us a song, and then Oma brought out the Baileys, and we all had a toast. I had this hazy memory of seeing a similar band entering the bar the night before, so I asked them how long they had been playing for today. Since midnight, they said. So I did the math, and came up with: Midnight to 10am= 10 hours, % 10 minutes per house, equals about 60 schnapps each! Not bad! where do I sign up? So I got a picture with the lads..

And I made a video of their performance, so click here to see it…..

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