Katakolon, Greece

“They say the greek salad is really good here,” said a girl to me today.
Here are some pictures of my first port, Katakolon Greece.
It is the gateway city to Olympia, where they held the first olympics, and most of the tours were headed there. Hoping for the less touristy option, I stuck to the town, which was just 2 blocks of souvenir shops, and the following pictures are of what else I saw, walking slightly outside of town.

A widow, shrouded in black walks along the road

People play in their boat in the ocean near the ship

Such a nice restaurant, I had to have something to eat there..

Greek salad and “eggplant salad”, I’m still not sure what it really was.

A horse in a hat on the pier.

Tomorrow is Santorini, which I am sure I will have many colourful pictures of. The only down side is, there are 10 ships in tomorrow, so I will be fighting a sea of tourists!! But I don’t care! I have been waiting forever to see this

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