>In Civitaveccia, me and the guys took the bus to the next town of Tarquinia, the hilltop home of Etruscan tombs

The bus stops are labeled Fermata, which I love, because just like the musical term, the buses linger without quite coming to a halt, and then move on.

A picture of my companions, Eric the bass player and Scott the disgruntled trombonist.

Here is the main square of Tarquinia.

And the view from the town walls..

We walked towards the field that contains the tombs of these Etrusians, a civilization from Africa that lived around the time of the romans.

These are more simple urns

Some tombs in a field

You can walk down inside them, and observe the paintings on the walls

Goodness, what are those Etrusians doing??

Then we stopped for a lunch in the town.
The guys were very amused by the fact that I matched my water bottle!

Eric’s seafood pizza..

And my mixed fish grill. After I got over the fact that the whole plate was staring at me, and beheaded everything, it tasted good!

And finally, a bunch of old geezers on a bench..

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One Response to >Tarquinia

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Looks like you had a fun day. The seafood lunch looked good!V & G

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