>Zadar, Croatia

>2 ladies sit in the park in Zadar, dreaming of a cruise..

Part of the main square, souvenirs among ruins.

I bought admission to go inside this thing, and it was cool!

On the ground floor was a concert hall, what a place to play a concert!! The piano was locked, though..

And the top..

I love these little old ladies who make lace and sell it on the street. Handiwork is such an endangered species, I just had to buy a doily from one.

I hope you all got your postcards!

Me and Daniel had an awesome meal, of mussles and cordon bleu.

Kids play in the spray of the ocean near the tender dock

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One Response to >Zadar, Croatia

  1. Tori says:

    >Hey I don’t know how I found your blog, a link from a link from a link. Anyhoo, I love Croatia, actually I live there. We have lived in Croatia for 8 years and I’ve been to Split and Zadar and Sibenik, that was one of the pictures too wasn’t it?I loved looking through all your travels, way too cool!!

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