>Pictures from a Turkish Bath

>A row of sandals waits at the entrance to the bath, for you to wear

A peep into the bath itself, with its heated marble slabs for you to lie on

And once you are lying down, the ceiling, which is common to all Turkish baths.

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One Response to >Pictures from a Turkish Bath

  1. cevat says:

    Hamam is a traditional Turkish bath is known. Hamam is not just about cleansing the body. Hamam visit is a feast for body and mind. Here, the everyday in a comfortable warmth with plenty of soap foam and water is flushed away easily. Step into our oasis / Hamam and discover a new you.

    At first, the sweat and relax always on the hot stone (Göbektasi) between 50 – 70 degrees.

    Wrapped in a Waist (cotton cloth) it goes into the hammam. First is to do a marble basin of the free space. The water is waiting with copper shells from the marble basin (Qurna) and drawn in the sitting poured over the body. washed from head to foot with warm water puts you on the heated marble stone, so loosen up the heat in the muscles and open the skin pores. The wet Waist in the body helps the body during the dwell neither cool nor overheat.

    After a certain time when you have good sweat, you get a full body exfoliation.

    At each visit Hamam is a full-body exfoliation that is performed with a special fingerless gloves (Kese). Here, the top layers of skin removed and the connective tissue with blood. The opening of the pores improves the skin’s breathing. They have after exfoliating not only a beautiful, clear skin, but your overall health will be strengthened, because your skin can absorb through the open pores much more oxygen.

    Next, you get a full body foam massage.

    After cleaning the skin of the whole body is covered in olive soap and massaged. The result is a much nicer, cleaner skin and relaxation …. The Turkish hammam, exfoliation and massage foam add up to a perfect recovery of body and mind. Hamam Düsseldorf.

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