>A Beach Wedding in St Maarten

In Phillipsburg, on the Dutch side of the island St Maarten, our friends Maria and Benji got married. He is from the Philippines and she is from Norway.

This is the second beach wedding we’ve been to this year, and it’s a fairly common occurrence around here, but special for us, because they’ve been our friends for 3 years now.

The Wedding March is played by the local caribbean band as she walks down the beach..

They take their vows with the ship in the background, and all of us girls sniffiling…

The Bride and Groom and their six witnesses

Everybody orders Phillipsburgers, and we all give a toast to the happy couple, after all, they got the day off work!

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2 Responses to >A Beach Wedding in St Maarten

  1. >wow – i’m wondering if that is hard to prepare for ahead of time or not..So very cool!

  2. >I don’t think it’s that hard – of course, you have to go there once to investigate. They used a website marry-me.com (http://www.sintmaartenmarry-me.com), and got the bouquet themselves! I will have to ask her about it when I see her next.

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