>Cozumel, Mexico

>Cozumel is beautiful, despite having been wrecked by a hurricane recently. It is on an island, and is very tourist friendly, and there are no kids selling chicklets. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. .

You can see the coastline is wrecked- It also washed the dock away, which is now rebuilt.

We are greeted by a Pelican

Whatever you do, don’t cross that line…

We went to Playa Azul, which I remember as being nice.. but it was another windy day, and the rocky beach was too dangerous with the waves

We played some volleyball

And had a good lunch, this is lime soup

And Guacamole

Crows beg for scraps

And some scenes..

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One Response to >Cozumel, Mexico

  1. >ok – I’m really getting jealous of your travels as I read more and get to know you more here stacey..Congrats on making it into the paper for your concert.I just love this set of pics here, especially that blue water in the last pic!

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