>The Seagull

>This Seagull was storm-watching today at French Beach, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

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5 Responses to >The Seagull

  1. >Welcome to Vienna for Beginners, Stacey! You can find excellent (milk-foam only) cappuccino all over town. It took me a while to understand that austrians love to splurge on coffee topped with whipped cream and if you don’t share that pleasure, you better let it be known when ordering. “Kein Schlag, bitte!” (Schlag being viennese for “whipped cream” aka “Sahne” in “real” german *g*) is useful vocabulary. ;-)Looking forward to your future visits,snowless greetings from Vienna,Merisi(Daniel must live high up in the mountains, I guess)

  2. Ginnie says:

    >I’m not sure where French Beach is on the Island but this is so reminiscent of our time there last October. It is amazing that you caught the seagull engulfed by the wave! Was he playing, I wonder?!

  3. >Hi Merisi! Now I know that Vienna is the place to go for a nice cappuccino! And yes, I think Daniel is way high up in the mountains, although the snow from the picture is mostly manufactured, as they are snowless too!Hi Ginnie! French Beach is 45 minutes north of Victoria, a provincial park just past Sooke on the west coast road that ends in Port Renfrew. If you went to Uclulet, which is on the same side but further north, you probably bypassed that road, unless you remember doing some serious off-roading!I think the seagull was playing, too – it was a stormy day, and they were all out there getting splashed!

  4. >LOL – this is just all too funny. What a good laugh for me…Here about the storm coming???What’s with the blogger code – it’s the same every time right nowsmenita!

  5. >OMG that is hilarious!By the way, I love The Fuselage too. Can’t wait for Feb!

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