>I swear it was right here…
In a week,
It went from skating pond~

Back to Duck pond.

It’s all gone, back to regular programming.

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5 Responses to >Brigadoon

  1. >oh wow! Yeah I guess it;s like that here too. But I sure hope that pond was very shallow…And do you think I would write on my permit… After all that time..

  2. Ginnie says:

    >So very sad, Stacey, when you think about it. That pond should stay frozen for a looooong time!!! Don’t get me started….

  3. >Don’t worry, Ginnie! We are not the victims of Global Warming just yet! A frozen pond is a novelty to us, and we are used to mild, rainy winters.. It’s supposed to have ducks year round!

  4. >I havenĀ“t skated on a pond since 1977, in Shawnigan Lake.

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