>Not the best shirt in the world

>Yesterday wasn’t as glamorous as the first day I described.
All I can say, is it involved a lot of Rock ‘n Roll, and this shirt:

We are thankful this only happens once a cruise.

I have started a Rock ‘n Roll shirt liberation front. My theory being, if enough of them disappear, we won’t have to wear them anymore. I plan to set one free in each port of call. Re-purpose them in India. Give them to the lepers. Somebody who will really appreciate and love a pink and white striped shirt with a pink polka-dotted cumberbun and bowtie. Because pink striped shirts need love, too.

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3 Responses to >Not the best shirt in the world

  1. >It reminds me of someone is a candy shop for some reason… All the more reason to support your theory I guess!

  2. susan d says:

    >Stacey, enjoy the insider’s view of a cruise ship. I never thought about what the employees do day to day. Why the heck do you have to pay for internet?? How does that work anyway, is it bouncing off satellites in the middle of the ocean? I’ve never been a passenger on a cruise ship, either, but I used to watch “The Love Boat” haha. Now I see what the rubber duckie connection is, I think!

  3. Ginnie says:

    >But Stacey! Think of how many people could wear this for Halloween! 🙂 Actually, I think it looks cool (though I wouldn’t look good in pink!).

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