>Saturday Photo Hunt – Red

>I’m putting this up on Friday, because that’s what people seem to do! Why is it that Saturday night seems way too late to post for the Saturday photo hunt?

I’m sure everybody in the Northern Hemisphere is missing the spring. Here is a photo I took last spring in Butchart Gardens. If you have been to Victoria BC, you have probably seen the gardens.

I don’t have much access to internet right now, so I’m sorry that I can’t surf around and look at everyone’s photo. You can read about my travels below. If you leave a comment I will try and get to your blog when I can and say hello.

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I must be really lost at sea, because I put up the wrong theme. It is what I saw on the schedule I downloaded though, perhaps it has changed. Oh Well! Enjoy the flowers!

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4 Responses to >Saturday Photo Hunt – Red

  1. Hootin'Anni says:

    >Oh wow, those are gorgeous!!Did you know the theme this week was broken tho, instead of red?Mine’s posted

  2. meeyauw says:

    >Let me tell you something: it is freezing cold, the snow is falling hard and blowing off the mountain so that there is no visibility. Nobody is driving by so I am alone here in the woods. And then I saw your flowers!:0))(a double smile!!)Thank you!

  3. >something like that happened, but I still love the flowers and really want to see this soon! I’m not sure where we will be going but I had my hopes on Washington…I’m not sure if that wish will be granted since it’s not my decision!

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