>Rain to a Bear

>There are 6 people around here who wake up every morning praying for rain.
They called me this morning. I went up to the pool deck to assess the situation. The deck was wet. But it was not raining. People were lying in chairs, and it was muggy out. Sorry guys, but you gotta play. My fist big boss decision. Even though I know they were just trying me out to see if they could get out of a pool set. I felt like saying “call me when there’s a thunderstorm.”

I found this in a drawer in my cabin and it made me really happy. A stapler with my title on it! I get my own stapler!! I felt glee, I felt like Milton from the movie Office Space. It’s a Swingline. Just like his. It’s My stapler…

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One Response to >Rain to a Bear

  1. Ginnie says:

    >”You make me feel so very happy” comes to mind, Stacey. I love it.

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