>Punta Arenas Part Two – Strange Fruit

>There was lots of food at the fair, and we saw many mysterious fruit.
The first one, upon first glance I thought she was selling bags of purple potatoes.
She let us try one

It had little flat seeds and was nice tasting.

And what is this?? Mango slices in a bag. With sour orange, salt and chili sauce. They gave me a sour mango slice to try, and had a good laugh at my facial expression. Was it ever sour!

Perhaps he is carrying some of the very same fruit

This is the sour orange. It’s used as we use a lemon.

Another mystery fruit – we bought a crate of these for $3. It was just too pretty and good smelling. The guy indicated that we should just open them and eat them.

I took it back to my room. They sat in the fridge a few days and perfumed the cabin.

I removed them from the box to discover that they had cashew-like tops on them. Are these cashews?

I cracked one open. It smelled so good! I tasted it. Blech! So Bitter my tongue went numb.

I did see a fruit I recognized at the fair, and I bought a piece and ate it right there.

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2 Responses to >Punta Arenas Part Two – Strange Fruit

  1. Bernard says:

    >Yup.. those are cashews alright. But those fruits in the crate look huge compared to the cashews I’ve seen before.

  2. Ginnie says:

    >I just LOVE seeing stuff like this, Stacey. I’m getting my education! I’ve gotten to like mangoes so much that I can’t bear to make a fruit salad without them. And kiwis, of course. There’s so much to learn out there–for our tastebuds, that is. đŸ™‚

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