>It’s the Morgue.. and other blogs

>I met the new trombone player when he came on board, to show him around the ship a bit. All part of the new job. “Here’s you’re cabin.. and oh yeah, right around the corner is the morgue – It’s open if you want to take a look inside..”
I never had the nerve, but Henry got out his camera and opened the door. “I can’t wait to write about this on my Blog!” he exclaims.


Well here is the picture

If you want all the insider stories about working on a cruise ship, the gory details I never provide you with, look no further. Henry’s blog, “The Waves of Our Lives” has it all. But please note, I do not drink as much as these people.
It’s rumoured that I don’t drink at all…

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3 Responses to >It’s the Morgue.. and other blogs

  1. >How many passenger croak on average per cruise?

  2. >EEEk so now I know what the morgue looks like…… thank goodness it’s not occupied at the moment. Beware the very serious case of seasickness….

  3. Ginnie says:

    >OMG! I never once thought about that on any of our cruises. Who would have thought! But I guess it makes sense.

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