>Things to do…

>What to do on so many days at sea..

Some do needlepoint. I might write about that tomorrow. Or perhaps I will show you what really happens on the rope deck.
We went to do some needlepoint on the Lido Deck where it is fairly quiet.
Tea time is happening..

I stick my head out the window. The sky has been very ominous for the past two days. It feels pregnant with storm. The temperature has been hovering around 15 degrees. The ocean has been behaving so far, though.

I grab some fruit and chips and salsa from the hamburger grill around the pool. The afternoon is spent stitching.

I have a little bike that folds up in my cabin. The tire was flat, so I popped by the Crew Office on my way to dinner to borrow their Bike pump.
Apparently the sight of me carrying around a bike pump was the height of humour for the other crew members. I was regaled with laughter and “going on a bike ride somewhere?” “where are you going??” With 15 days at sea there are not many places to go. “Going for a ride in Honolulu?”
Get over it, guys!
I couldn’t figure out the pump. I called in the resident expert, Eric (who you might remember starred in my post about Donkeys) He used to work in a bike shop in Montreal.
It is formal night and we were all crowded around fixing the bike.

“Guys, get a picture of me pumping a bike tire in my $700 dollar dress”
(don’t worry, I didn’t pay the sticker price for it)

The next morning the tire was flat. I will have to pull out the tube and patch it up.

I am worried about dropping off the map. Or, sailing too far away from a satellite footprint. This will happen inevitably, as satellite footprints target population density, and cling to land.
Then we could be away from internet range for days! noooooooooooooooo!

I sit on the bow and watch the ocean, thinking that if I sit here long enough China will appear before my eyes.

They are having a toga party in a week’s time. Should I go dressed as a Goat?
(I trust you have all heard the dyslexic joke..)

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One Response to >Things to do…

  1. Ginnie says:

    >Ahhh, yes. The days at sea. We need them, you know. 🙂 After all the galavanting we do on shore, it’s very nice to explore the ship, rest, play Bingo, or whatever. So you needlepoint! I love it. And I hope your bike is up and running when you land in Honolulu. 🙂

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