>A Hawaii Sunset


We are not in Hawaii yet as we had expected to be. With some error in the paperwork shuffle that allows a ship to dock in the USA, we were denied access. After some grovelling and cajoling we were finally allowed to dock, but Only if we dock on Saturday until midnight. We have a coast guard drill at 2:30 pm, and might not be able to go ashore until the evening. Fine with me!

We get the next 2 days off, due to pure luck. What to do? It is 50% off in the spa! That’s a start. Plus laundry, that should fill up two days nicely!

As we sailed into the sunset today I couldn’t help but think it’s starting to look a little like Hawaii, don’t you think? I also saw my first bird in days. I guess it does really mean we’re nearing land.

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2 Responses to >A Hawaii Sunset

  1. Betsy says:

    >Uh oh. According to your travel calender link on the right “this day doesn’t exist”. I’m glad I found this out early. Time to make some schedule changes. 🙂

  2. Ginnie says:

    >I can think of a whole bunch of people who wish they were sailing to Hawaii right now…and they’re all in my family. 🙂

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