>Rope deck Birthday!

>It was formal night, and we were all backstage getting ready for the big production of the evening. “Does anyone else smell barbeque, or spicy shrimps?”

Yes, it was another rope deck birthday and the smell of barbeque wafted through the backstage door. I wondered if the Guests in the front row enjoying their Bellini martinis were wondering where the smell of spicy shrimp was coming from.

After the show we decide to crash the party. “Who’s birthday is it?” I ask some guys. “The Bosun!”
“What’s his name?” I ask

“I don’t know, ‘The Bosun’?”

Great! What’s cooking?

Gerome cooks up some shrimp and squid on a grill. Cooking appliances are so illegal, I wonder how they get away with it!

Help yourself to fish..

Pancit, or Rice! The noodles are really good.

The rock band was playing. They have been practising lately, and now I realise it was for their big gig tonight!

These are just regular guys who have a rock band in their spare time – the ship is nice enough to provide equipment for a couple of bands like this. The rope deck is their working area so they can rehearse there whenever they want.

Some guy showed up and did a tribal dance. Was it serious? I am not sure what was going on.

Eric and Becky consult song choices – when the band stops it will be Karaoke time!

And I congratulate Bong the Birthday Boy!

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2 Responses to >Rope deck Birthday!

  1. H says:

    >Pancit and karaoke for a filipino birthday? Never would have guessed. Enjoyed the pix.

  2. Ginnie says:

    >Some times you just need to get away with murder (cooking appliances)! How fun.

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