>It it true? (what they say about Dixie)


Another day at sea – with 10 sea days in a row, I am not counting. We might be somewhere in the middle of all those I am thinking. It’s best not to count – just exist day to day as if the outside world doesn’t exist. I sit there on deck talking with my friends and we agree that life is so peaceful here that we are not ready yet to reach Hong Kong. We wish there were a month of lazy days like this.

There is not much work for us to do on this long cruise. We only have so many set shows to play, and they are creating variety with their fly-on acts – comedians, magicians and others who don’t use a band. Just to make us do something, we are playing jazz sets in the atrium. This is lots of fun. Except for the Dixie music – These people love it a bit too much. Our Bandleader seems to lapse into it a bit too often, and is now pushing his new CD, “It it true what they say?” (about Dixie), featuring all of us. I believe the CD title was my brainchild, when I started the joke, asking him “Is it true what they say?” about what? “about Dixie!” Making fun of the song’s lyrics which we are prone to do. Some people quote movie lines but we prefer to quote obscure lyrics.

Dixie gives me the hiccups.

Everywhere we go to play the people are clamouring for Dixie. Eeek. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. As much as I hate it, I must admit it makes a really fun vibe for the room.
Is it true what they say about Dixie? Yeah, but you should hear what they’ve been saying about Swanee.

Tonight is the Toga party. I have not got my Goat costume together, plus the Bass player stole my joke and is now telling everyone he wants to go as a Goat. Dammit people, leave my jokes alone! šŸ™‚ The Crew Office was selling bedsheets for $1, because last time there was a Toga party everyone’s bed linen went missing. I bought one and am still deciding if I will wear it.

Tonight we work for one hour – yes, you guessed it, a Dixie set entitled “Is it true what they say about Dixie.” Whatever, an hour of work in a day is nothing to whine about! At least it will be good, the Horn players are great at that kind of stuff. And I swear one of them was actually alive during the Dixie era.

The deck boy rock monsters have asked me to join their band. I am flattered! After my ‘real’ gig I will hit the rope deck with my keyboard and jam with them. They are rehearsing for another big rope deck gig.

Here are some pictures from another lazy day at sea (forgive me but I can’t see the pictures, hopefully they publish. I hope they are in an order that makes sense.)

I wake up and take a jog around the deck.

Roque is sitting out there, with his short wave radio and a clarinet catalogue. He’s in heaven.

The Deck boys are out there as usual, painting away. I love how they’re peeking from behind the stairs on this one. This is when they invite me to join their band.

I go to eat – Hope this pic doesn’t gross anyone out. The kitchen is becoming creative on such a long cruise. It was a slightly asian-themed lunch. As opposed to the full-on asian themed lunch, which involves costumes and props and parasols and much bru-ha-ha

Creme Brulee and coffee for dessert..

I go to the needlepoint gathering at 2pm. I bring my new Hawaiian pillowcase quilting project that I picked up in Honolulu! (more on this later) The pencil case sits unfinished in my bag. One lady is really into quilting and goes to her stateroom to get all her quilts for show and tell. She says she will give me some of her tools when she leaves. Yay! We talk about what batiks to buy in Asia, and I borrow one of her Quilting books. All the ladies up there are really nice, I will have to come back tomorrow!

It’s time for a nap (all that food!) As I walk towards the front of the ship, I see all the people relaxing in the sun.

Friday is nearly over! I bet for most of you at home, it hasn’t even begun yet!

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4 Responses to >It it true? (what they say about Dixie)

  1. >You are right, it’s still Thursday lunchtime here and I’m enjoying a BLT at my desk at work. Nice quilts, congratulations to the quilting ladies. I started a quilt for my son and his g/f when they bought their house 5 yrs ago…. hahaha it’s still unfinished. Perhaps one of your quilting experts could take over the project?

  2. Ginnie says:

    >So fun, Stacey. You are reminding me of OUR days at sea but from a different perspective. So glad you have this tight-knit community. How soulful!

  3. >oh I love this! Great report once again!

  4. >The woman actually travels with her quilts, or did she make them all on the trip? She must need extra luggage.

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