Hawaii at last

We sailed into Honolulu at 10am on the17th, a whole day late. I was on the bow waiting, along with a bunch of others. As we sailed in, I pointed out Waikiki beach to the Philipino guys, to much excitement.

This ship hasn’t been in Hawaii in 7 years or so, and I was one of the few people who had been there before (in my days on another cruise line)

As the other cremembers climbed to the front of the ship, I sat with my feet in the crew pool.

After an easy coast guard drill at 2pm, they let us ashore.

Us three multicultural girls hit the town. Canadian, Uruguayan and Japanese.

The Sheraton on Waikiki is very fancy..

This was our first stop, for a drink and a snack.

Cheers! Real flowers garnished our juice.

Mayumi wanted to say she has floated in the ocean in Hawaii. I put on my suit and went with her, while Valeria watched from shore.
(whoo-hoo! bikini shot!)

This surfer dude is doing my favourite Yoga pose!

We sat and watched the sunset. Mayumi went back to work – she has many Japanese guests to take care of this cruise

Tiki torches are lit all around Waikiki. I feel like I’m on Survivor.

Valeria was obsessed about finding a flower for her hair. She bought a plastic one.
Later she found some real ones being made into leis.

Of course I had to get one, too. Us single girls should wear the flower on the right ear.

Later on, when I left Valeria to go shopping at 10pm, I switched ears so as not to get any trouble. This did not work. What is it with American guys and their obscene cat-calling?? “Read the flower, jerk!”

Hawaiian shirts were on sale

Come to America and shoot a real gun!

Waikiki is beautiful at night. I braved the St Patrick’s day crowds and a sudden rainstorm as I went back to the ship. I arrived home soaked and happy. We all celebrated with fish n chips on the back crew deck in the open air as we sailed away. I think we all fell in love with Hawaii that day.

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