>People’s wacky passtimes

>S. is my needlepoint buddy, and member of the band. Yes we are a bunch of oddballs.

We faithfully go to the needlepoint gathering every day at 2. He is like a guru for the old ladies.

When he showed up on the first day, sat down on the bandstand and pulled out his needlepoint, it was almost too much for us. But we had heard of him, and knew to expect this.
He is famous for other things, such as riding his trombone around the stage like a pony at inopportune moments. A feat which he almost got fired for. He didn’t, which boosted his respect among the guys immensely.

S. has two hobbies, two things he really loves in this world.

Stitching, and Hookers.

Sometimes he combines his interests.
He gives me tips on my needlepoint. “Let me show you this stitch I learned from a Hooker in Cozumel” he starts.. I wonder secretly if he is just hiring the hookers and then sitting with them and stitching.

Here is some of his handiwork:

I started on this octopus.

I finished it, and am now on to a pencil case kit.

The pencil case is a coveted company pattern. The Japanese hostess is in charge of needlepoint gatherings, and managed to score the kit for me. “If anyone asks where you got it, tell them you got it a long time ago..”

I sat at the needlepoint gathering today. A bird flies by the window.
“Does that Bird live on board?” a lady asks. I accidentally bite my tongue.

I’m also working on a Hawaiian quilt (pillowcase). It is frustrating. I was working on it outside the other day when an old man walked by and grumbled at me, “you don’t look like the domestic type..” “Thank-you, sir!” I smiled at him.

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3 Responses to >People’s wacky passtimes

  1. >Hey… great needlepoint, your male needlepointer has a lovely touch! Ask him if he has ever seen any needlepoint designs by Kaffe Fassett.

  2. Ginnie says:

    >I had several LOLs when I read this, Stacey. You are really funny!BTW, it looks like what S does is counted cross-stitch. But it’s needlepoint?? His work is exquisite. I bet he’s a perfect “stitch” to be around! 🙂 Your work is pretty cool yourself.

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