>You Wouldn’t think it possible..

>But there is a pool table in the deck 4 corridor. Sometimes the games are quite hilarious, but the crew doesn’t seem to notice the balls rolling to and fro. It’s a good thing that nobody takes the game too seriously.

You may have noticed the dart board. Not in the picture are a fooseball table, and a ping pong table! And behind me (taking the picture) is a small “cafe” where you can have a smoke break and help yourself for coffee, tea, or day old pastries!

We are on our final day of our 10 day crossing of the Pacific. Hong Kong is tomorrow, and we all have to line up to get our temperature taken before our arrival. (Seriously)
9 nights of this cruise we have had hour backs on the clock. The morning has been pretty easy to deal with lately.

I saw this sign on the wall, re: the Wall

Seeing the great wall of China was always at the back of my mind – but I didn’t entertain serious hopes of it, since you never know when you will be working or in-port-manning. But it looks like I can go (fingers crossed)! I am very excited about it, and have been harassing the entire band to sign up. (“Balls to the wall!” they said. Those musicians…) The tour will take place in about 10 days, on the final day of the next cruise. And speaking of next cruise, it is called “Ancient Dynasties” and here is the map:

See you in China!

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6 Responses to >You Wouldn’t think it possible..

  1. Ginnie says:

    >OMG, Stacey. That would be a cruise of a lifetime! I will cross my fingers with you that you’ll climb/walk the Great Wall!!!

  2. Betsy says:

    >Oh MAN! Do you need a shirpa?! Please let me come with you, Stacey, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  3. >What a fab cruise, I wish I was filthy rich and I’d be on the ship with you! The Great Wall is a piece of history I’d love to explore, but I think you can only walk on a small portion of it. I’m looking forward to the pics, make sure you post some!

  4. mrsnesbitt says:

    >Wow! What a trip, will have to have a good look later as I am just going in the bath! Boy do I know how to live!Dx

  5. Patrushka says:

    >I always enjoy your pictures and journal – aways very entertaining! Sounds like you are having a god adventure and not working TOO hard!By the way, the “word verification” letters for this post seem appropriate: almost Chinese: xjqxuj! Sounds like somewhere you might be going on this cruise!

  6. >Love the parting shot!!!you have done so much and I’ve been falling behind with all of this job searching…

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