>Karaoke and Daytime Sights


The band finished work at 11:30 pm and decided to hit the town. We heard there was a live band playing somewhere, and one of the M’s brought his horn and we all set off to find a jam session. We went to two British pubs with no luck. They were filled with Caucasians, it was like stepping into a different country. We lost S to other pursuits, and ended up at a Karaoke bar.
They welcomed us, and put us at a table right in the middle of the room. We met the locals. They were awesome. They taught us dice games, and dice shaker tricks (of which I became the master) They were drinking Chivas and Green Tea (cold) by the pitcher. Wow, two of my favourite drinks in one. It was confusing, and good all at once. I was torn – is it a shame to mix good whisky with green tea?
Karaoke was ongoing, and I was the first of my group to hit the stage. We eventually put a stop to the Karaoke for 15 minutes while we grabbed the stage and played some jazz for them. M on trumpet, other M on bongos, and me on their keyboard.

They offered us a gig for next time we’re back. For free Chivas and Green Tea, of course!

Here is one of my new buddies. There is his girlfriend in the background. Don’t worry, I am not here to steal your boyfriend!

The next morning I was supposed to wake up early to watch Tai Chi in the park with S. After coming in at 4am unfortunately I missed the 7am Tai Chi. It’s a shame.. But perhaps next time.

At 10:30 am I went to explore the town. I found Carlos in the mall, and he came with. We ran into S and he came, too.

S showed us Kowloon Park. It is very near the ship. For such a big city, Hong Kong has some great public spaces.

This guy was out with his pet birds. He was giving himself a shave with his pocket knife.

The park was beautiful. Carlos, who probably would not have left the mall, was amazed. “If this is China, why do they need to come to Argentina? Why don’t they just come to Hong Kong?”
He explains how tanker ships filled with Chinese refugees have landed in Argentina. It’s a familiar story.

The countdown to the Beijing Olympics begins. I guess we will see more of that when we are in Beijing.

479 days, 7 hours 10 minutes and 37 seconds.

I like choosing mystery drinks from the vending machine

McDonalds is everywhere. Red Bean Pie?

I was feeling ambitious, and decided to take charge of the sight seeing. I really wanted to see the Flower Market. We hopped on a Subway Train.

S stitches the entire time…

The Flower Market was not as flamboyant as I had hoped.

I fell in love with these tiny trees. I bought one for my cabin. I miss trees when I am at sea, and I wanted to have one in my room. Mine is on the bottom left.

There were many bizarre egg vendors. One woman was keeping eggs in salt and one was roasting them in coals along with nuts. These purple ones covered in ? were strange.

Some random street food

Lucky me, the Ladies market was near the Flower market. I said goodbye to the boys as I shopped for cheap high fashion clothing. It’s dangerous!

I took a short trip to Hong Kong island yesterday – here is a picture of the HSBC tower. I don’t know much about it but apparently it was built to be disassembled so all the wiring and stuff is on the outside. I would google it if I had better internet access. Note on the right of the picture another wonderful green space.

Hong Kong island is the central part of Hong Kong. I took this picture from the ferry yesterday.

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2 Responses to >Karaoke and Daytime Sights

  1. >Great post! I’d love to go to Hong Kong. The karaoke was fun, I could almost hear you all singing and playing, and chivas and green tea? Strange combination, but you seem to have survived! Keep postin’, I’m lovin’ it!

  2. Ginnie says:

    >I’m loving it, too, Stacey. I feel like I’m actually there with you throughout these excursions because of all your pics. You’re doing a fabulous travelogue for us!

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