Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima is in the South of Japan. It is said to be the Naples of Japan. I have seen Naples, and wasn’t expecting much.
It lies in the shadow of an active volcano.

The reception we got from the city was very friendly. They put on a free show for us onboard in the morning. They had a booth outside the ship with free samples of the local cuisine. Fish cakes, bean cakes, green tea and potato wine. All were food. I mean, good. They set up a huge drum outside the ship and had a big show as we were about to leave.

From the sights we saw on the shuttle bus to town, we all agreed that it was indeed like Napoli.


The shuttle bus stops at the mall.
A guy stands in the mall ringing a bell. I guess he is begging?? What is the costume he’s wearing? I put money into his bowl and he gave me a newspaper. I have no idea what it said.
Two policemen help a little old lady.

I was starving, and excited about eating real Japanese food. I found a restaurant popular with the locals.

The food looked even better than the plastic food outside. It was delicious. Seaweed salad, noodle soup, and a sushi bowl. The sushi bowl was surprisingly cold.
I was given a pair of chopsticks and I eyed my soup dubiously. I watched the lady beside me out of the corner of my eye, to see how she handled her soup.

I have noticed they haven’t been serving soya sauce with the food since I’ve been in Asia. Is it a western thing?

They say Japan is expensive, but my meal was 800 yen – just under $7 USD. I wouldn’t get that at home for $7!

I didn’t have enough time to see the botanical gardens. Instead I sought out the more subtle wonders of the town itself. I sent some postcards home. I scoffed at the picture of pink cherry blossoms. “This town does NOT look like this!!” I thought to myself, as I sent the postcard.

I soon come across a park. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

In the park there is a vending machine. I love wasting coins in the machines, just to see whay I can get. There is a surprising selection of iced coffees. I see one called “Deeppresso.”
It’s so sad!! This drink will put you right over the edge.
I grab the can. It’s hot!!! What the?? Hot coffee in a can? I keep the can for a joke. I pick another flavour. Cafe au Lait. I put the coins in the machine, and out comes the can. Ice cold. Huh??

I take a closer look at the machine. It takes me awhile – but I realise that the cans with blue price labels are cold, and the ones with red price labels are hot! Just think, if I hadn’t bought the Depresso as a joke I would have never known.

Koi swim near the park

And near the Koi is a Shrine. I don’t know what kind of shrine. Shinto?

I take a look inside.

First wash your hands here.

Walk inside..

Is he some kind of Monk? A drum sounds every couple of minutes. People walk up to the gate, put a coin in the wooden box (you can see that here) and clap their hands!

A woman in a Kimono with a new baby gets her photo taken by the shrine.

It said 100 yen. I put a coin in out of curiosity.

This is what I got. I will keep it, maybe I will figure out what it’s for.

Outside, I see where they go. On the string on the right of the picture.

I unfold it. I get a paper cut. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this. I tie it around the string.

On my way out I see others have tied theirs around trees. Like Edson did in Taiwan.

A similar thing, I am guessing. Perhaps prayers on wooden tags?

Kagoshima turned out to be quite beautiful after all.

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5 Responses to Kagoshima, Japan

  1. Jul says:

    Oh how you’re making me miss Japan! The food, the temples, the koi… and Deeppresso – Deeppresso and I go way back. Love it! Glad you are having fun!

  2. Ginnie says:

    Beautiful indeed, Stacey. And we’re all getting our education! Thank you.

  3. Ex-Shammickite says:

    I’m SO enjoying this trip! Thanks for taking me with you. It makes all the day-to-day rubbish I write in my blog seem SO ORDINARY! Where are we going tomorrow? 🙂

  4. Expat Traveler says:

    so beautifuul! They are much further along with spring there though…

  5. sandierpastures says:

    The omikuji you got from the temple is like the chinese fortune cookie..

    great post about your travel in Japan. Now I am missing Japan big time! You didn’t go to Tokyo? just the southern island of Kyushu?

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