>Shanghai, Day One

>I found it very hard to get a feeling for Shanghai.

The tree lined streets were very pretty

A lot of bicycle traffic

And a special lane for bikes and scooters.

Lucia asks them directions to the old Gardens

Laundry hangs everywhere on the streets.

And a woman washes her delicates on the street laundry mat

Rabbits for sale (or rent?)
He has a bag full of lettuce on his back.
There are a lot of pets sold here. I know most people would probably think it’s for food, but I do get the impression these people love their pets.
Though, the Rabbits may be dinner!

Some street food

We walked to old town, to see the Very old Chinese Gardens from 1559.
This here is the Dragon wall

Wheeee! followed by… ho-hum… The gardens are such an emotional roller coaster.

“We don’t know her..” said Lucia, as I played my newly acquired chinese flute-thing all over town. “Rolex, 5 for 10 dollar!” cries a hassler. “pfoooooot!” the Chinese flute says, in his face.

What is up with the Goat? Or what is that thing? A mountain Deer?

You can buy fish food to feed the Koi in the gardens.

Leaving the gardens we spot a 3,000 year old Starbucks from the Ming Dynasty..

Is there an instruction manual for these things, please?? Starting with which way do you face.
I did attempt to use one on a ferry in Istanbul, but wearing pants makes it a whole different game. And don’t forget to take the tissue paper from the counter as you pay.

A dumpling restaurant had a lineup around the block.

I spent a fortune on green tea

And later on.. we go to the tallest bar in the world, overlooking the city. It’s on the 82nd floor of the Jinmao building.

And of course a girl like me shouldn’t go without a date – this is Martin from, well, somewhere near Berlin.

We met some other travelers and went bar-hopping with them. “Shanghai is one of the greatest cities in the world,” one guy says to me. “Uh-huh,” I reply as I navigate through a huge pile of garbage on the sidewalk that is being circled by a hungry kitten.

This bar was filled with Westerners. What are they all doing here, I wondered.

Here is the night scene from the ship. The city turns off its flashy lights at 11pm.
On the left you might notice the Oriental Pearl TV tower.

The tower is described in my guide book as “unsettling.” They got that right! Here is is up close. The lights change colour.

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3 Responses to >Shanghai, Day One

  1. Ginnie says:

    >I have never been to Japan or China, Stacey. I spent a few hours in Seoul, and then a few days in Taiwan and the Philippines. But that’s all. What a fascinating part of the world, to be sure!

  2. >I don’t visit in a week and you’ve moved across the world and taken so many pics! Fascinating travels… (for a bit at least)

  3. nikinpos says:

    >Next time you’re in Shanghai go find the place where you can buy DVDs for pennies! I got the whole 10 series of Friends for £20!

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