How to blow your nose on horseback at the Great Wall of China

How did the Great Wall of China tour come to this??
Well, first I think I have SARS. Or at least I need a SARS mask so I won’t infect anyone else.
It’s the sudden change in temperature that always does it to us – we went from 30 degrees plus in Hong Kong to hovering around Zero since Shanghai.
Although you could probably see my red nose from the Moon today (because we all know you can see the Great Wall from the Moon), I’m not too shabby for someone with SARS, eh?

China (at least what I’ve seen of it) is very industrial and polluted. The sky is always hazy and the view from the bus window looked like this:

It was a 3 hour drive to the wall. We made a pit stop involving the usual confusing toilets, and a gas station type convenience store which we flocked to and gleefully bought all sorts of sweets of origins we had no idea. Mmmmmm….

On the way we saw some strange sights out of the bus window.
A flooded village was one.

Actually, the above Moon fact is false. You can not see the Wall from the Moon. It has been an issue of much heated debate around here, and the resident Astronomer wins.

See, you can barely see it from the road! But it’s there.

So who was it that climbed the wall and said “take a pic of me by the sign that says don’t climb the wall!”
Well, not me, I had SARS.

The Wall turned out to be one hell of a climb.

We climbed as high as possible, until the Wall itself disappeared into ruins.
You can see the newer, renovated part in the front. The top section is older, yet also renovated.

Some Chinese graffiti on the wall

The older section looks a bit Giraffe- like.

It took an hour to climb to the top.

From the top, you can see bits and pieces of the wall all over the hilly countryside.

At the top there were horses you could ride down a path for under $2. Feeling tired from the climb (remember, SARS..) I took a chance. The horses weren’t as scary as they looked. And I got a great vantage point of the wall on the way down.

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7 Responses to How to blow your nose on horseback at the Great Wall of China

  1. Expat Traveler says:

    wow – well I guess it’s super nice to do since you were in the area. I don’t think we will get there unless it’s under the same circumstances..

    Now I’m curious to know what your SARS acronynm means to you. 😉

    And if you have a ccold, hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ex-Shammickite says:

    If you have a dose of SARS, don’t beathe too close to the keyboard.
    That Great Wall is super, I’ve enjoyed reading about your visit. And riding the horses down was a great idea, gives you a completely different view. What’s Chinese for “Giddy-up”?

  3. goofball says:

    Nice pictures!

  4. Betsy says:

    Sorry to hear you were feeling crappy but it must have been a memorable experience all the same.

    So now I’m wondering what your mystery sweets tasted like. Probably lots of bean paste. Any mystery animals / insects in there as well?

  5. nikinpos says:

    I wish they provided horses to carry people down the mountains here!

  6. Ginnie says:

    Man, Stacey. I hope it’s NOT SARS. Nothing to play around with, from what I’ve heard. So glad it didn’t keep you from that Great Wall. What a phenomenal experience!

  7. jess says:

    My boyfriend got lung poisining or something in Datong, from pollution, and he almost died there! it sounds gross. the pollution i mean…

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