>Osaka by Night

>We arrived in Osaka early Sunday evening. I was steaming myself in the spa (isn’t life great..) and when I emerged from the Spa I was greeted with this glorious sight from deck 12. Luckily I had the instinct to carry my camera with me up to the spa (now why would I usually do that? It’s a good thing I listen to that little voice in my head..)
On the left is the ship, in the forefront is Osaka harbour, to the right, a shopping mall, and what is this? A huge ferris wheel!! Funny, since I was thinking of my college friend by the last name of Ferris who was living in Osaka, and what do I see but a Ferris wheel.

I walk towards the front of the ship, towards my cabin, and get a closer look at this Ferris Wheel. I started snapping away, not realizing what is really going on inside that wheel.
It’s Hanami season, and I guess that means it’s the summer of love, baby!
In each little booth there was a happy couple, and, well..

Miguel, who is up on these things, later on told me that the wheel is quite famous in certain circles of um.. movie fans, because it takes 17 minutes for one revolution.

Anyways, I gathered my friends and took one of the last buses to town. 3 Uruguayan girls, Paula my Argentinian roommate, and myself. I felt bad since they were nice enough to speak amongst themselves in English for my sake.
First we stop for a little Starbucks. Cause it was late, and I needed something to keep me going. Look at the small size they have!! This is their “tall” size, what would probably be 16 oz back home. Just the perfect size for us!
The gorgeous Valeria and Lelus the triathlete model the petite coffee.

All the girls are Casino workers, and the first thing we saw was the famous Japanese gambling game – Pachinko! I had seen this on a travel documentary and was quite excited.

Pachinko is for everyone, it seems

There were so many young people out that night, and they were all punked-out, wearing the most insane clothing imaginable. We all felt rather plain as we wandered the streets. We stopped for something to eat. At the typically Japanese restaurant you could order the tapas-sized dishes one by one. The girls balked at most of the food, preferring to sit there hungry. “Um… are you going to eat that?” At least I got a full meal out of it. I think I was the only one there who had even seen Japanese food before.

We continued wandering the busy Sunday night streets

A pet store was open past midnight. 1,200 USD for a Cocker Spaniel puppy. That was the going price for most dogs.

I’ll bet this is a popular bar

The plastic food outside restaurants is amazing. Japanese pizza?

We stopped in a convenience store. It it always fun to browse.

Noodle sandwich

And this is where you can get a SARS mask!

The banana is very descriptive. Love Saves Life!

Sake by the cup

And some strange vials of liquid for guys, er, manly men to drink.

We hit the streets again.
The South American girls marveled at the abundance of vending machines, unlocked bicycles, and the free umbrellas in the Subway (to be taken if needed and returned, on the honour system)
“If this was Argentina, they would take the umbrella, smash the vending machine and then escape on the bicycle. Then the next day you would go to the market and it would be full of umbrellas and bicycles for sale..”


You gotta love that Rug Time Jazz!

We found a street stand making the infamous Squid Balls. I insisted we stop and try some. After all, I read about it in the guide book. After having taken Japanese class in High school, I was like the cultural tour guide of the evening.

No pepper, no Mayonnaise, aaayayayie!!, said Valeria. It’s not a good idea to censor the squid balls. Let him do his thing..

They were delicious! Me and Adriana finished them off.

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5 Responses to >Osaka by Night

  1. Jul says:

    >Thanks for sharing so I can live vicariously through you. I want to go back to Japan!

  2. Ginnie says:

    >This totally rocks, Stacey, I’d love to know how you’d compare China to Japan, or vice versa. I’m guessing they’re very different in their similarities?

  3. >Oh dear, some of your pix are not coming thru…. I’ll have another look in the morning. Good night!

  4. >Hello!Very good posting. Thank you – Have a good day!!!

  5. >I CANNOT BELIEVE THERE’S A BAR CALLED VULVA! Oh. My. Earsandwhiskers! I love the Hysterical ladies in Hong Kong’s My First Hysteric too, I saw that one at the time and had a quick chuckle as well. I missed Pearly Gates though, awesome. Hope you and you’re friend had a wicked day, sorry to hear you had to play today (and how weird is it that I’m writing to you, when I could just SEE you?!) ah well, I’m blogging crazy I guess

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