>Hong Kong, and a Friend!

>Hong Kong, and we are docked in the same shopping mall, in the Children and Maternity section, right by the Toys R Us.

The thing I love most about being docked in the mall is that I discovered free 3 wifi networks. Despite all that, I didn’t have much time for web surfing.
I noticed some strange stores this morning.
The first one –
I’m not ready to step through the Pearly Gates yet!

I had noticed the women’s fashion store called “Hysteric Glamour.” I found that funny for many reasons, especially since I have just learned that the word Hysteric refers to the womb, like the word Hysterectomy.
I found the junior version of that store today:

When I took this picture the people inside the store got upset and ran out at me waving their arms. Don’t be so Hysterical, I said under my breath as I walked away.

Today I was going to meet my friend Steph, who is living somewhere in China teaching music and playing gigs. I allocated the Starbucks near the ship for the meeting point. I nursed a green tea frappucino and a ginger juice for an hour an a half, staring out the window until she arrived. The transportation system is a little crazy.
Yay, here she is!
The bamboo scaffolding amazed me. It’s strong stuff. We set off to wander Kowloon.

Mmmm, street juice. I had apple-pear, she had mango.

We stopped by Tom Lee music for supplies.
I had seen this as on the subway, and loved it.
Note the “Easter Eggstra fun Sale”

“Please, please, don’t let this be today” says Steph..

We saw a dried food market which reminded me of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

This was so weird it deserves two pictures. It reminds me of something out of a Carlos Castaneda book.

2 Lizards on a stick. Anyone??

We accidentally found the Jade market. It is supposed to be for good luck, but I get a weird vibe from Jade.

Didn’t know it came in pink..

And nearby is a temple. I love the incense coils.

Check out the scary deity on the left overlooking the lady.

I took Steph on a ship tour, armed her with many goodies such as bread, vegi burgers and english books and she caught her train home.
I went and got a chinese foot massage with the time I had left. He gave me a chart so that I would know what particular part of my body he was stimulating with the pressure point on my foot. Weird. I put the chart aside, preferring not to know if he was touching my spleen, my nose or my ovaries.

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4 Responses to >Hong Kong, and a Friend!

  1. tatiana says:

    >Sounds like a great day and visit with your friend. . . I love reading your posts….and vieweing your photos. You make me feel as if I am right there, treavelling with you.

  2. Pato & Pearl says:

    >i love your blog!!!..especially with so much travelog!..I stayed in Hongkong for 2 years during late 90s..Brings back memories looking at these images.thanks for sharing!Pearl

  3. >love the jade necklaces and wished I was there so that I could pick up some for necklaces..Wrote long response and it went poof..sorry not to be around, not been blogging, too busy, new job finally..:) And the jazz fest, yup looks like this is the least jazz ever line up.. hehe..

  4. Ginnie says:

    >I had to laugh, Stacey, at the ending and the beginning connection of this post because when I was in massage school (1990) I learned foot/hand/ear reflexology and found out there are spots on the feet you do NOT want to massage if a woman is pregnant! Isn’t that a fun tidbit! 🙂

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