>Somewhere at a beach resort in Vietnam

>As you can see, here we are somewhere in Vietnam.

There was no shortage of souvenirs to be bought on the pier. Mostly things marble, and heavy. This did not stop us though.

Here are some of the ladies with their merchandise. They love to cover their faces out of fear of the sun.

We were docked in the middle of a rice field, it seemed. The shuttle bus, instead of taking us to one of the historic towns nearby, featuring such attractions as the purple forbidden city, took us to a beach resort.

It was hot. And we escaped from boat drill at 11 am, way too late to foray into the purple forbidden city.

Crew members get a well earned massage, in the safety of the open poolside.

Apparently these ladies are a little hasty to go, er, south, much to the confusion of one male dancer I know.

“Happy ending?” she asked him, and then put on a clown mask and danced around.

We stop for lunch. Coconut palm drink, some fruit for Valeria (the speckled one is Dragon Fruit) and a crab soup for me. Roque stays with the beer.

I was about to walk on the beach and nearly got attacked by these postcard vendors. I bought 6 full postcard packs. They were desperate, begging me, saying they were having such unlucky days. I decided to skip the beach and floated around the pool for awhile.

This was my happy ending, a fish shaped ice cream.

Vanilla with sweet red bean paste.

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3 Responses to >Somewhere at a beach resort in Vietnam

  1. >I’m sure it must be very tempting to buy gazillions of souvenirs and postcards when you visit all these exotic places, but then you have to carry them all home somehow. And I think the reason the bus didnt take you to the purple forbiden city is because it’s FORBIDDEN!! And also it’s purple. HA!

  2. >yummy! That ice cream sounds so tempting! I haven’t found that here and I used to love getting that type in California.

  3. Ginnie says:

    >I think I need to get me one of those hats! Looks like just the right shape to protect me from the sun!!Red bean paste inside the ice-cream fish? Hmmm. I’ll have to chew the cud on that one!

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