Bathing with the Elephants in Thailand

The elephant village was the best part of my time in Bangkok.

This was a tour for the crew only, and our guide was relieved to see such a young bunch. Our bus looked like the one from Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

The Elephants used to be used for logging, but since elephant logging was banned the elephants have been unemployed. They are so domesticated that they can’t be released into the wild, and it costs so much to feed an elephant that the only way they can support them is from tourism.

No elephants were harmed in the writing of this blog.

We arrive at the elephant village. Yay! As crew members we are excited just to step off the ship.

The elephants line up and we get to feed them banannas.

“Don’t tease the elephants,” they instructed us.
Here I am, feeding the elephant. Doesn’t he look happy?

It’s so cute how the elephants take food with their trunks!!

But are you brave enough to feed him with your own mouth?

Next the question was, “Who wants to take a bath with the elephants? We need five volunteers!” I greedily put up my hand. People were reluctant to volunteer. We took off our shoes and emptied our pockets, climed the fence and clambered up onto the elephants.

We waded into this swamp on the backs of our elephants. The others took pictures from the shore (I have to get those pictures!) I watched Barbera clinging on for dear life as her elephant sat his rear end down in the water.

Here is my souvenir picture of my elephant bath.

Next, they let everyone else take a turn riding the elephants. It’s funny, because you kinda have to sit on the elephant’s neck.

Next, the elephants demonstrate their logging techniques.

There is a basketball hoop nearby and a bag full of basketballs and we wonder if the elephants are going to shoot some hoops.

They didn’t.

They bring out the male elephant. The girls are awestruck, the men, disgusted.

This wasn’t the grand finale though.

They marched out a little band and some sword fighters.

I hope they don’t fight to the death. Watch out for that huge pile of elephant poop!

And finally, we get to ride atop the elephant in one of these things.

Two people will fit in one of these things. As always, excursions with the crew feel like a highschool field trip. “Barbera, will you be my elephant buddy?”

This is what the view is like from atop an elephant in Thailand. Ciao!

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7 Responses to Bathing with the Elephants in Thailand

  1. Jul says:

    That looks like so much fun!

  2. Betsy says:

    Great photos! Looks like an incredible experience!

  3. tatiana says:

    How fun! I so want to take an elephant bath! Looks like you had a great time… can’t wait to see the pics your crew mates took of you mid bath!

  4. Becky Scarrott says:

    Heffalumps! Yeah!
    So, I changed my message settings I can`t use this keyboard! That was supposed to be a question mark´after the word settings, see Eric spilled coffee on my laptop, which now refuses to work….Yup we made it back for beer on the pier! Big love lady, I HOPE I can write a post soon!

  5. Ginnie says:

    This is hysterical, Stacey. I’m holding in a big laugh that is ready to explode because this reminded me of when I rode a camel years ago and laughed out loud hysterically the entire time (and embarrassed my kids to death!).

    How fun for you and the crew. You’ll never forget it!

  6. Ex-Shammickite says:

    Oh LOVELY! I do admire the absolute HUGENESS of Elephants. That post was so much fun to read. And now I want to go to Thailand and bath with the elephants in the river too.
    BTW you don’t have to wait until you’re 50 to join Red Hats… you can join before attaining that ripe old age, but you’ll be wearing a PINK hat and a LILAC outfit, instead of red and purple.

  7. powder says:

    Oooo – I love the elephants. That looks like so much fun!

    Is that Miss Angi with Mark in that bus picture?? What is she doing there? Family visit? If she’s still on, give her my love!

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