>Night and Day in Pattaya are equally creepy

>What a horrible impression all of us girls got of Thailand. I know there are some beautiful places, and the elephants were wonderful. But we were docked 2 hours from Bangkok and 20 minutes from Pattaya, to which there was a shuttle bus from the ship.
Pattaya is known for its days as an R&R resort for soldiers during the war in Vietnam. Not much has changed since then. Young women filled the streets and bars, and each one had a price tag.

We docked in the evening, and after work we took a cab to Pattaya to see some of the nightlife.

The crew were excited about some of the exotic shows happening in the city, the kind in which you might see some ping pong techniques you have never dreamed of. They brought their rackets. Instead of being the awe inspiring show they were imagining, it was only sad, embarrassing and depressing, the only redeeming part being a jaw dropping bicycle horn solo.
“I think your band needs a bicycle horn player” said the guys.

I regretted not buying this T-shirt.

I spotted some famous Lady-Men. They are not hard to find at all.

Not really wanting to sit down in one of the bars, we regretfully went to Mc D’s.

I was surprised to see Ronald Mc Donald Waiing, the Thai gesture of putting two hands together in greeting.

Next to Mc D’s was a night vendor of fried insects. I watched as a lady pointed out her insect of choice and they were put in some hot oil to fry.
There was a big selection of bugs to choose from.

I imagine they would taste good, but couldn’t bring myself to try them.

Of course, beside the bugs was a kiosk with an assortment of weapons and illegal things. My favourite was the brass knuckles, a steal at $10!

I bought a thingey. I don’t know what it’s called, but a ship must have one for good luck in its voyages. It was made of fresh flowers and smelled like Jasmine.

And here I am, looking fresh at 1 am in Pattaya

The next day, as if I hadn’t seen enough, I ventured out into Pattaya again, this time with the shuttle bus, which didn’t insult Marvin or Eric’s masculinity at all.

I didn’t look too closely the night before, but I realised this is where creepy old white guys go to die.

On the streets you could see the demographic – only old white guys and young(er) Thai women filled the sidewalk.

All the old guys looked the same. I began to wonder if they hung out with each other. “Say, you’re a creepy old guy just like me, and we look kinda alike, too. Wanna be friends?” I imagined them saying. I saw a couple old guys ignore each other on the street. C’mon, get together, people!

Finally, I was relieved to see a pack of them.

They were all over the beach..

And I really got a kick out of the ladies selling pills on the beach for them. Although after I guffawed at pills for the old men they offered me pills to improve my bust, which I wasn’t agreeable about.

Totally tired of Pattaya, I protested the whole scene at Hard Rock Cafe, a place which I usually wouldn’t be caught dead in.

I spent a small Thai fortune on yummy nachos. I miss nachos when I am away from home.

Now that’s more like it!

I bought some fruit. Note the creepy old men in the background! They are everywhere!

This is my own personal haul of fruit. Lychee are the fuzzy ones, the big purple one is Dragonfruit. It looks like a kiwi inside, only white. And the small round ones are Mangosteen, as Expat Traveler pointed out (thanks!)
The Mangosteen were so yummy, I wished I had noticed them sooner. I cut the tops off and inside is a gooey whiteness that is so goood!

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10 Responses to >Night and Day in Pattaya are equally creepy

  1. Robyn says:

    >Ew…What a creepy picture of Thailand you have given us – I’m surprised the men didn’t distroy your camera in fear of those pictures getting back to their wives! Gross!

  2. Goofball says:

    >Yep you confirmed the sad image I already had of Thailand .Have fun on your new upcoming cruise

  3. Ginnie says:

    >Were any of those guys Vietnam vets, I wonder?? That’s what they reminded me of. So sad, if so, because they hardly have a place to fit in…except maybe there?

  4. >Hey lady, where were you on the Pattaya bus(question mark) How come I never saw you(question mark, exclamation mark) awesome blog re. scary white unattractive dudes. Unfortunately I found most were Brits, too. I was kinda ashamed…strangely a place part of me would just like to forget. Ooh, congrats re. the band-master, lady(exclamation mark) Next stop Cruise Director (exclamation mark)

  5. jessica says:

    >This is sort of disturbing. i feel bad for these women, but then again, it’s all free choice right? they do this for their livlihood by choice, i mean. It’s not forced. sigh. anyway, you look very pretty in your sunny yellow dress. i went dress shopping today and it sucked. bastard european skinny women. 🙂

  6. >Ginnie – I don’t know if those guys were Vietnam vets, because as Becky said, most of them were British. It reminds me of the song “Ballad of the Sad Young Men”Jessica – Is it really free will if these girls are doing it out of their economic situation? There is lots of forced prostitution in Asia – young girls taken away from their homes from a kind of mafia who will kill their families if they try and return. But who really knows anyone’s situation. And thanks, it’s my best summer dress 🙂 picked out by a girlfriend with more of an eye for clothes than me!

  7. powder says:

    >Yeah, I think those girlies are pretty much forced into. I don’t think anyone would put a frog up their cooch by choice (ugh — I don’t miss Pattaya at all). CONGRATS on the bandmaster thing! I heard a rumor while I was on the Serenity that might be happening for you. Guess that means you’re staying on the ships for a while longer, huh?

  8. >I hope little rubber duckies aren´t shoved up there too!

  9. mrsnesbitt says:

    >Just catching up with your travels S, take care.Dxx

  10. >i love the last pic of all of the fruit.. MMMM Mangosteen – I want to try that one day! I only have had the juice which I love and drink daily.

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