>Nothing’s allowed in Singapore!

>I think I have hit the wall known as the “Mid-contract slump.” It’s a well known phenomenon – when you hit the half-way point in your contract, whether it be 2 or 3 months into it, all you want to do is sleep all the time, you dream about what you’re going to eat when you get home, and even though you sleep all the time you feel constantly tired.
Don’t worry, that is normal around here. I think it takes a lot of energy to live here 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and even if you are lucky enough to get a day off you can never fully escape.
So what should I do – stay barely awake all day, or just sleep?

Tomorrow we will hit Myanmar, or Burma, as some know it as. There is a lecture today in the theatre, called “Burma, Land of Oppression.” Great. I don’t have huge plans for our three days there, because I have lost a bit of my desire to venture around. I will go and see the Shewedagon Pagoda again, which is beautiful, and perhaps see the huge reclining gold Buddha for the first time. The Pagoda opens at 5am, and I am thinking of going at that time, just to see it in the morning light. It is huge and covered in gold and other riches. I’m sure you will be seeing picture of it soon.

In Phuket, I didn’t go ashore, due to in port manning. I sat upstairs at the buffet reading while S stitched away on his new masterpiece.

The first time I was in Singapore was 6 years ago and I found it too sterile. The next time was a couple years later, and I started to appreciate it as I saw all the different areas of the town. I remember accidentally leaving my camera somewhere and coming back an hour later to find it still there. But after the challenges of traveling through the rest of Asia I have really come to appreciate the cleanliness and westerness of the city and the ease of traveling there.

We arrived in Singapore Monday night. Between shows I went into the terminal and had a most amazing Avocado Shake. Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of how yummy it was. Was it made with Avocado, milk, sugar, and ice? Or Vanilla ice cream as some of the Filipinos say they make it. I have no idea. It was so yummy, and not too sweet.

After the shows we went out to see the night life. I took us by subway to Clarke Quay, supposedly a night time hot spot.

Near Clarke Quay is Boat Quay, and you can see the restaurants lined up on the river.

They had a fascinating selection of food.

Look, two live cats next to the two stone cats.

I took a reverse bungee ride. Yes, it flings up high into the air and is very scary.

Here are the nightclubs of Clarke Quay. It was a whole complex of them, it was really amazing.

The next morning I started out early (for me) to get a Chai tea in Little India.

The upper shutters of the buildings were amazing.

There was a beautiful Hindu temple. I love the pile of deities that decorate the roof.

I found flower wreaths to be bought as offerings, much like the one I bought in Pattaya

And all sorts of wild and wonderful vegetables for sale.

I had a Chai tea and wrote you all postcards.

Next, I took the Subway to Chinatown. This sign was on the Subway. Note the “No Durians” sign.

Durian is a fruit so stinky that you can’t bring it on the subway. I heard about it in Thailand as well, that it is illegal to keep it in your hotel room or your rented flat, it is that stinky.

I felt sorry for the fruit.
Mc D’s window. How did they know about my secret fish fantasy?? I have never seen a double fillet o’ fish patty but was impressed.

And Chinatown.

The same beautiful upper windows, only Chinese style.

I tried some Chrysanthemum iced tea. A bit too sweet.

I tried some roasted chestnuts. I decided I still don’t like them.

There was a Hindu temple here, as well.

In Chinatown there was a guy selling ice cream sandwiches. He took the ice cream from the freezer and put it between two wafers to make the sandwich.

I chose my flavour – Durian fruit. I was curious to see how offensive it could really be.

I thought he was going to put the ice cream in a bag for me.

Nope, he put the bag around my hand for me to safely eat my Durian ice cream.

How was it? Stinky. Must be an acquired taste. I was glad for the bag, because for a city with so many laws about littering, there aren’t many trash bins!

I liked these Kleenex box covers. Classy. But I don’t really NEED one, do I?

My final stop in Chinatown was to try the famous Singapore Chili Crab.

It was tough eating, but delicious served with a bowl of rice.

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4 Responses to >Nothing’s allowed in Singapore!

  1. powder says:

    >Hey girl!I know how icky that mid-contract slump is. Fortunately, I didn’t get mine until the END of my contract this time. It was weird. I’m glad to be home now, despite it’s own craziness and the fact that I’m actually homeless again. hahaha.Oh, and don’t lie about “writing” postcards. You know you just signed your name and mailed them! ;-)Well, lovely lady, keep your chin up and have fun the rest of your contract. Hopefully I’ll get to see you again sometime! Love you – Joy

  2. Ginnie says:

    >I can imagine what that mid-contract slump would feel like, Stacey, and can only hope for your sake that it has come and now gone.I am amazed every time I read your posts because they’re so informative and often humorous. The pics are fantastic. You make a very good travelogger (is that a word?) and could probably have a side business with a magazine/newspaper column! I love it.And DO tell me exactly when you’ll be in Amsterdam! I am so psyched to hear you’ll be on the ship and can only hope to God we’ll be there at the same time. I’ll want to plan ahead, if possible!

  3. >Hi Stacey: Another great post! Singapore seems very civilised compared to some of the other places you have been taking me to recently. I can understand the “mid-contract” slump. You’ve just become saturated with new places to go, things to see. No2Son and the Beloved spent the summer travelling Europe a couple of years ago. They got to the point when they just didn’t want to see another piece of art, sculpture, cathedral, castle, medieval village etc. Information overload!!!! I wanna go home!

  4. Goofball says:

    >hmm you make me very curious abou tthat dorian fruit. Never heard of it.

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