>Cochin, India

>Cochin, India – The programme for the day was a crew tour, labeled “The backwaters of Cochin.” It sounded very interesting. In the bus, the guide informed us that as well as seeing the backwaters by boat, we would be visiting a palace, a church and a synagogue.

The bus took us on the minute long drive to the boat dock. This picture was taken from the boat dock. We all piled on to a rather big boat, ready to see some backwaters.

“This is one of the largest backwaters in the world,” the guide informed us. We sailed down the same river this morning, I could have saved the money and just woken up and gone out on deck.

To me, a backwater wouldn’t be classified as a place where 2 or 3 cargo ships could comfortably pass each other.

Check out the black water being discharged from this cargo ship. Just in time, because we were right beside the Chinese fish traps.

The Chinese fish traps are something I remembered from my last time in Cochin, and are quite a symbol for the city. They make a really spectacular vista by sunset.

The traps are raised and lowered by weights on ropes. They didn’t look so successful, as I didn’t notice many of them with fish inside.

As we sailed back to the ferry dock, I noticed some real backwaters way in the distance. Becky said that her and her man took an independent tour down the smaller canals for cheaper, and saw lots of interesting life. We were so far away from shore we could hardly see anything. Perhaps she will blog about it?

Our next stop – the boat dropped us off in old town, where we were herded towards a palace.

We had to crawl under the fence to get to the palace, only to discover 30 minutes later that they forgot it was closed. So much for this tour. They seemed to forget about the rest of it and told us to be back to our little boat at 3:30

I bought some more coins, and I spent a small fortune ($10) on the first pack. The second pack was $5, and of course I bought that, too. I am thinking of starting a collection, since I am such a Scrooge it seems like an appropriate thing to do!

Talking about money, look who graces all of their bills!

I bought an ice cream from this little guy.. and one elephant mobile like you see on the right.

I asked the tour guide what was around here to see. He said there was a fish market 5k away, and I could take a tuktuk if I liked. Some tour! I decided to stay in the area.

I was fascinated by this cigarette box – the bird leans down and picks out a cigarette for you. $10! I did not buy it, though

I ran into Sass, who had a fantastic bag made from newspaper. The other day I read her name tag – her name is Sass Cheek, and she really lives up to her name. Her roommate’s name, by the way, is Josie Swallows, and Sass is well chuffed to be living with her, as she is THE Josie Swallows of British TV show fame. Together they have a great pair of names.

Sass tries a Sari, of which she bought 2 for $7 each.

I bought… well, since I learned of my upcoming Officer’s cabin, with lots of storage room, I went a little nuts (for me)

I fell in love with these antique woodblocks used to print patterns on Saris.
At $2 each, I was feeling all sorts of artistic inspiration as I bought a whole bunch of the heavy suckers.

And these are my 3 very heavy antique picture frames, great on their own.

Yes, I even bought wooden shoes.

And who could resist 2 of these glass lamps, at $9 each. This area was a mecca for all sorts of antiques.

And my favourite item, a lotus flower candlestick holder, for $7.50

It unscrews to make…
Voila! So beautiful.

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4 Responses to >Cochin, India

  1. M.K.Mehta says:

    >The picture of “cargo ship” ejecting black water is not true – it is actually a dredger, not a cargo ship, it sucks in earth from the sea-bed, and water overflows, the sediments are later thrown when the vessel moves out to sea from backwaters. Dredging is required for safe movements of ships in backwaters.More photos on scenic backwaters, the Synagogue, other beautiful ships in the backwaters, the skyline of Cochin city as viewed from backwaters, would have made the report complete.M.K.Mehta

  2. Ginnie says:

    >You may not have gotten up close and personal on the backwaters, Stacey, but you sure did hit the jackpot on lovely keepsakes from your trip. Wow. Those woodblocks and picture frames are fabulous!

  3. >Hey Stacey! I wrote my backwater trip up as best my little brain and trigger finger could capture and recall. I LOVE the candlestick holder, pink and beautiful. Thanks for the shout-out, see you soon (I can’t be bothered to party in a sari tonight, but maybe in an hour or so…!)

  4. Rael says:

    >The antique woodblocks and picture frames are absolutely worth sending over to the furniture shop for copying!! Genius of a find! Dunno about the price. šŸ™‚ I suppose you had an interpreter to give you hints? More antique decors

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