>Through the sandy Suez, and Roque makes a new purchase

>Our trip through the Suez Canal was almost twice as expensive as the Panama Canal, a whoppping half a million dollars. As there are no locks, it seems a lot less manpower is involved, we simply join the convoy of ships and sail right through.

It was a very hot day, you can see the crew on their break lying on the bow. The transit took the whole day. This pretty much sums up the scenery – mostly desert on both sides.

Roque bought a new outfit from some pushy egyptian guys who were selling stuff in the crew hallway. I have no idea what that was all about. He proudly displays his ensemble..

And who was the Scrooge who put a lifeboat training in the middle of the day in Alexandria, some people’s one and only life time chance to see the Pyramids! Bah Humbug. Such a protest was raised and the training was cancelled. Which was nice of them. But check out the list of names!! It’s the big list on the left. For fun you can click on the picture to enlarge it. I swear I have never seen a training list so long. Unbelievable. My name was there as well.

We all made it to the Pyramids in Alexandria. We came a long way and a lot of strings were pulled for us to be able to go!! The management was very nice to a lot of us in that regard.

More about them soon!!

Some news on tomorrow, in case you are following the calendar: Our stop in Sorrento, which would have been a tender port (you know, when there is no dock so you go ashore in a lifeboat) – It was cancelled because of choppy seas and instead we will be docking in Naples. So I will get my pizza after all…

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2 Responses to >Through the sandy Suez, and Roque makes a new purchase

  1. >Dear stacey. Cool piccies of the Suez canal – I have to say, I assumed all canals had locks, so that was a surprise. I hope you enjoy your pizza in Napoli.

  2. Ginnie says:

    >Naples works for me! :)So glad someone had sense to complain about the midday lifeboat training and someone else had sense to cancel it! Yay!

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