>To throw some salt in the wound…

>My boyfriend was fired today. Yes, I had a new boyfriend but since I am here on the ship and the nature of things seem to be short-lived, I didn’t say much about it to you virtual people or the folks at home. Perhaps you caught his (not-so) cameo appearance in my post about Shanghai .

I was at the show yesterday backstage and ready to play, and realized I was 15 minutes too early and forgot to put on any stage lipstick. I ran down to my cabin to get some lipstick, when my roommate very indelicately informed me that Martin was looking for me because he had just been fired. She loves to be the bearer of any kind of news. But I am almost late for the show so have to run and play. It is pretty tough to go out on stage under these circumstances. But there’s been worse.

He didn’t do anything shocking to deserve getting fired, there was no real reason given for it, just apparently he wasn’t the right material. I don’t really know how these things work. You get a trial period of three months and then they make the verdict, I guess. He just got called into the office and got the big banana, as they say in the galley.

It seems like the galley is a really stressful place to work. The hours are from 8am to 11 pm you get 2 hours off in the afternoon. There was some strange situation where they wouldn’t allow him to fill in his whole overtime hours on the official time sheet, and an equally strange situation with an angry Filipino guy who would flip out and throw lemons at him and actually punched him the other day for accidentally spilling warm water on his foot. And they would occasionally send him down to deck 3 to chop mushrooms all day.

I pictured myself in that situation.. “chopping mushrooms, with MY training?”

As I am down on deck 3 waiting for him to get his suitcases from his cabin I notice a bunch of boxes of salt on the hallway floor. “You guys got a slug problem down here?” I ask..

It turns out he found a great deal on a computer in Naples…

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3 Responses to >To throw some salt in the wound…

  1. >Well, boyfriends come and boyfriends go, this one has obviously gone. When you get let go from a cruise ship like that, how does he get home? Or does he just hop on the next cruise ship and apply for a job? Was he given a reason for the firing? Perhaps it was something to do with the Teddy Bear Murder….

  2. Betsy says:

    >That sucks, Stacey! Could he at least take advantage of being fired and throw the big banana at the angry lemon-wielding Filipino?I KNEW something was going on between you two as soon as I saw the photos from Shanghai. He was the one selling rabbits, wasn’t he?! He’s a hottie!

  3. >ugh! That just sucks… But I guess life goes on…

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