And the Pyramids, at last..

Cairo is a short 2 hour bus ride from Alexandria, which is the second largest city in Egypt.
Everyone on the tour bus was sleeping. Most of us work nights and had the day off. I felt sorry for the guide, who felt compelled to give her whole speech on the way there. Felicity was even prepared with ear plugs! Wake me up when we get to the Pyramids..

Cairo, on the outskirts, looks pretty much like this:

A lot of the buildings are unpainted and unfinished, apparently to avoid taxes.

We saw a lot of these things as we left Alexandria. Every farm had one. Egyptians love to eat Pigeon, and these clay towers house pigeons. Apparently they are delicious grilled or stuffed with rice.

We also saw alot of these as we neard Cairo. I guess it’s watermelon season!

Cairo is right on the Nile, and a lot of the scenes I saw on the riverbank reminded me of Paris.

One of our stops was the Papyrus factory, where a man demonstrated how they make papyrus. Egyptian stuff was then painted on the paper and sold from $10 up. You could get your name written in heiroglyphics if you wanted.

We saw the Cairo museum, which was amazing and warrants a whole day. I didn’t get to see the mummy roon, but I did see the trappings that King Tut was buried with. It was truly amazing, the amount of necklaces and acoutraments that were in his tomb.
Also amazing were some sarcophaguses from 200 AD, that had faces painted on them that looked like Christian icons.

My artsy shot of a license plate..

But on to the Pyramids..

The tour bus parked close to two of the three Pyramids.
They must have a great light show at night..

We only had 20 minutes there.
I picked the smaller one and walked around it. I had seen people climbing up the other side when we were driving up there, and wanted to do that. It looked small all of a sudden. I wondered if I could climb to the top!

This is actually a picture of me, sitting on the Pyramid. Since I took it myself on the timer mode, (luckily no-one made off with my camera) you can see me if you click on the picture to enlarge it. My head is somewhere on the bottom left.

I didn’t go inside them, for lack of time, but had done that last time so was okay with that. I just wanted to spend time with them, and was happy sitting on one for awhile.

Next we went to visit mr. (mrs?) Sphinx.

I get my photo taken with him/her (not easy to do, as there are tons of people doing the same thing)

And we all have a buffet meal with the best view in the world. I wouldn’t recommend the meal, unless you like random hairs in your food, but the $10 pays for the view alone.

This camel is for Robyn

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