>Alexandria Egypt by night, with Roque

>After the Pyramid tour we still had some time to explore Alexandria, so me and Roque took two bikes to see the town.

We soon came across a night market.
They were selling everything there. Fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, live animals and meat.

Even the kitchen sink

They burned incense around the bread and meat to keep away the flies, I assume.

This crazy guy was our self-appointed guide. We had a hard time getting rid of him.I had a laugh because he was speaking to me in shaky Russian. His Russian was probably as good as mine, so strangely enough he was understood.
There were all sorts of back alleys with cute live animals for, er, dinner. Lots of pigeons, bunnies, even goats and turkeys.

Now, Roque is a tough guy to go ashore with because he just goes and doesn’t look back. So if I pause to take a photo he might just disappear. He is pretty deaf so doesn’t hear you shouting after him, either. I had a hard time keeping up with him by bicycle through the night market. Plus his bike riding is a little scary, he will again just go into traffic and I will chicken out and wait. But I actually didn’t lose him this time, which was good.

This guy was selling some kind of hot beans inside the green thing with stars

But in the middle of this street market the strangest thing happened. All of a sudden there was noise all around us like a thunderstorm. People were panicking and taking away their stalls as fast as they could all around us with a huge noise. I wondered if there was a herd of rinocerous coming down the street. We pulled over to the side of the road, stuck in the middle of this chaos.
Then we see the police come down the road in a truck and take away one of the stands in front of us. They put it on the back of their truck and drove away. Everyone else was lucky enough to put their stands on the sidewalk in time.

Spilled tomatoes, vegetables were everywhere. It was a sad sight, and we watched the people pick up their spilt wares and put them back on the cart. I watched a guy scoop up olives off the muddy street and put them back for sale.

But they put everything back together and continued. I wondered if this happens every day.
These kids were begging for a photo.

They were quite happy when I let them ride my bike.

There were a bunch of weddings on that night, I counted three within a block. We could hear music coming from the windows and saw women and little girls dressed up so prettily. There’s Roque in the background, excited about the wedding.

Some barbequed street corn

I liked how they served it in the husk so you don’t burn your fingers.

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4 Responses to >Alexandria Egypt by night, with Roque

  1. tatiana says:

    >I love reading your blog, Stacey. At a time when I am unable to travel, I come to your blog and it takes me away.Thank you for this…..

  2. >Dear stacey. I love the photo of the kids on the bike – they look so happy.

  3. Ginnie says:

    >And your corn on the cob has suddenly made me hungry! I need to go fix supper!!!! I love your life, Stacey! 🙂

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