>It’s me against Monkeys

>Well, not really, I just liked the title.

In Gibraltar today, I took my bike and aimlessly rode around.

Any guesses on how much this assortment cost me?

14 euros for 6 postcards and a magnet. With stamps, of course.
Let me just say, this is the last time you will all be recieving postcards from Gibraltar. Please act grateful, and leave them on your fridges until I get home.

I thought about circling The Rock. I wasn’t sure if it was possible.
I sat on this beach for awhile.

I noticed the airstrip and the border right near me. I decided to take my bike and see how close I could get to the border.
If you’ve ever seen Gibraltar on a map, or from the Rock, you will see the border is right by a thin airstrip that you must cross to leave the country.

I rode my bike right up to the airstrip. Traffic was stopped for a plane taking off.

Then, the police lay down a chain and everyone goes.

Too much fun!! I rode my bike across the air strip and then back again. I wasn’t sure if I had crossed into Spain, for there were no checkpoints. Perhaps the border is a little further on. At any rate, I didn’t want to be stuck in Spain with no passport.

Well that was exciting, and my adrenalin was pumping.
I came across a rather ordinary bakery. And bought and ate (half) a cake. It was almost a normal piece of cake, with almost normal frosting which you never see on the ship.

This sign on a church door made me smile.
“You do not need a mobile phone to communicate with god”
I agree, I am not a lover of cell phones.

That must be the Moorish Castle up on the hill.

I walked up and down the shopping street.

And that’s about it for my boring day in Gibraltar! But how ’bout I show you some pictures from last time in Gibraltar

(flashback, dream sequence music)
The Rock is absolutley infested with wild apes, the only wild apes (aside from soccer fans) living in Europe.

You take a cable car to get up to the top of the rock. Or, you can attempt to drive.

They are cute, but watch out…

They are well trained, and know what they want. I watched them knock a pepsi out of someone’s hand and lick it off the ground.

Then, the most amazing thing happened. The apes attacked Daniel! He had a huge plastic bag full of duty-free and they ganged up on him for the duty-free. They just encircled him, as if they were being friendly, and then attacked him.

If you’ve ever watched your significant other be attacked by apes, well… I wasn’t laughing then, but I did savour the memory of it for later.

I watched a particularily big ape pick my newly-purchased memory card out of the bag. He ran to the cliff edge and held it in his hand, chewing on the plastic. Yes, it was just me versus the monkey. I reached into my bag and produced a nice juicy apple, slowly, so as not to scare him off down the cliff. Luckily he forgot about the plastic he was holding and I managed to snatch it from him while he took the apple. Phew!

The Lesson: Watch out for the wild Apes!!

Here is the Rock from above, you can see Spain in the distance.

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6 Responses to >It’s me against Monkeys

  1. >I watch out for wild apes all the time, but luckily there are not too many of the little devils roaming free in this part of Ontario. That’s a great post, too bad the postcards were so expemsive! I guess I won’t be getting one. 😦

  2. christina says:

    >Cool! I haven’t been to Gibraltar since 1987. Great pictures – I love those monkeys. And holey moley those must be some pretty special postcards. I guess they think they can get away with it.

  3. Ginnie says:

    >Are you telling me this is THE Rock of Gibraltar, Stacey?! That is way boring…er…cool.And YOU are one smart lady for figuring out how to get your plastic back!

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Hey Stacey,very interesting, very very interesting.At the end: We all noticed, that was the first picture of Daniel since your seperation, can we hope …. ?Peter

  5. >Stacey this is my first visit to your blog, i am so impressed with all the places that you get to go too. You are one lucky girl. I will be checking your blog more often

  6. jessica says:

    >the piece of cake that you bought and ate half of…is it one of the very small and harmless pieces of cake you have in the photograph below that statement?i am back to blond!! it just feels right 🙂

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