>Apparently I’m a Weatherman, too

>We have just started our new cruise, “Czar and Kings,” featuring the wonders of the Baltic sea.
Here you have it:

I am back in the nice cabin, safely away from The Roommate who took the time on the final morning to scream at me and lock me out. She woke up as I was trying to move my suitcases out of the cabin and got upset. She asked me to shut the door but I needed it open for a minute to take the suitcases out. I apologized to her, and had to put the chair in the hallway in order to move the suitcases out. Once I was in the hall with the half my suitcases she locked me out of the cabin, accusing me of trying to trap her in the top bunk by removing the chair, and screaming all sorts of obscenities at me from behind the closed door. Whaaat!? All the crew watched in amusement as I banged on the door apologizing for waking her up at 10 am and pleading to be let back in. I guess her full body rash is starting to get to her. I decided to keep the chair, since it was actually a drum stool and belongs to my department anyways. I think that was also the time I decided to give the fridge away, too.

I have started the new big job again, and have a wonderful big cabin with no annoyances. Now I carry around a lot of pieces of paper and a pager and enforce policies.

And yes, I check the weather every morning, because no-one should have to play on a foggy pool deck!

Now I can resume my series of scenes from my porthole.

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4 Responses to >Apparently I’m a Weatherman, too

  1. >That Paula, what a twerp. But don’t tell her I said that, I don’t want her to start screaming at me next.Congrats on being elevated to a big cabin, and the bandmaster job sounds very official with lots of responsibilities!

  2. >She must of had a bad day. Yes sounds like a a big responsibility. Looking forward to photos of your new adventure.

  3. >The Space Cadet? Husband? Yes… actually he was someone else’s husband!!! And I was someone else’s wife…. and that’s all I’m gonna say here…, 🙂

  4. Ginnie says:

    >YAAAAAY, is all I can say. You had it coming to you (the new room, that is).BTW, we did that exact cruise last summer except with Tallinn, Estonia, thrown in after St. Pete. It’s fabulous. At least I can picture where you are this time. 🙂

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