>It’s just your average medical evac


The other day when we were at sea I was sitting in my cabin when I noticed a huge disturbance outside the porthole. Accompanied by a huge noise, I could only assume it was a helicopter evacuation. “Huh,” I thought to myself and carried on with my day. I imagine they didn’t make an announcement because these kind of things draw many spectators, and it is a very dangerous procedure to begin with.

Plus it would have put a huge dent in the ongoing Captains Cocktail party. What would you choose – free booze, or maybe slam back a double of whatever the most expensive free booze is you can get and then go watch the helicpoter evac. Great idea! Luckily one guy was out with a camera, and put the pictures on the office intranet for all to see.

I know nothing about the situation or the poor unfortunate soul who was sick enough to be airlifted out, and I feel bad to ask about it, but I hope they are ok.

The helicpoter evac is really an amazing feat. I have seen them before and is is always very impressive.

ps – the first picture is not our ship – just another one passing in the (night) afternoon…

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2 Responses to >It’s just your average medical evac

  1. >Dear stacey. Wow, they are very cool photos. I have to say I’ve never thought about what happens to people who are really sick on the boats before. Do you get the see the ‘white nights’ on this trip??

  2. Ginnie says:

    >Do you remember that we had one of these on our cruise a year ago and it WAS something to see?! I was lucky to get some cool shots of the helicopter. But you DO wonder about the poor soul who caused all the commotion!

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