>And my new 3 best friends are…

>Meet Woody, Sunny, and Shrinking Violet.

Woody was my first plant, who I bought in Hong Kong. He was just a stump back then.. A stump in a pot of water with a couple of hopeful sprouts. He flourished in my dark cabin for months, and now that I have put him by the new porthole I worry if the light will be too much for him. He did so well under the fluorescent light. I obsessively check his water level each day to see if he’s drinking much. He was really thirsty before..

I am not even sure what he is. A bamboo? Some kind of tree? Perhaps one day I will plant him in some soil. You can see his before picture in my post here.

Sunny is my newest acquisition, I bought him in Helsinki. They told me to water him a lot. So I did. I stole a pot from the florist and put him on the sill and watered him 3x a day. And he started to dry up! And now the flower is drying up. I am worried. There are many buds beneath it so maybe this is normal. But today I realised I was accidentally drowning him, for the pot that I put his pot inside was holding all the water I was feeding him.

Shrinking Violet is soon becoming my favourite. When I saw her in the cabin, she was so ugly I almost threw her out. In fact I was out the door with her when I had a change of heart. “Shrinking Violet,” I said, “you’re just like me, and I don’t have to be a Shrinking Violet anymore.” So I feed her a little bit of water, but not too much, and she is starting to look healthy and I even think I see some new buds! All Shrinking Violet needed was a chance.

Maybe it’s time for a vacation…

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3 Responses to >And my new 3 best friends are…

  1. tatiana says:

    >It is a bamboo! Good for you for keeping greenery alive in your little cabin. I struggle, and I have a sunny apartment to grow them in!

  2. Betsy says:

    >Did you have a former life as a shrinking violet? That’s kind of funny considering that you spend a lot of time on stage now!Have you come out of your shell in general or does performing take a lot out of you?

  3. Ginnie says:

    >Lucky bamboo! And you are one lucky lady, Stacey, to have these life experiences! I love it for you!

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