>Copenhagen is my favourite city in the whole wide world

>The first thing you see when leaving the ship in Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid. If you are not expecting it it is hard to believe you have stumbled upon the real Little Mermaid. She was busy today. I remember climbing on her once years ago. Probably not too proper a thing to do. But if you have discovered the village of Christiania, all conventions go out the window.

I will not take you to Christiania today. I am not sure if you are ready for that kind of mayhem.

Today I did not spend a lot of time out. I had a piano tuner to tend to, and he was a little demanding. I would catch him partaking of the buffets when he was supposed to be tuning.

The port area is beutiful. Right near a park, a moat, windmills, and this old Anglican church.

I have always loved this old church. It is the only Anglican church in Denmark, I learned today, and it was my lucky day, since this was the first time I had ever seen it open to public. It must have been a Wednesday.

And look, they finally put water in the old fountain!

As you continue along the waterfront you come across the Royal Palace.

Do Not attempt the palace square on roller blades! Especially at 5 am after being in Christiania.

The cobblestones are really bumpy, and you start to feel like you’re being watched..

The next thing you come across might be the bust of Roosevelt. There are many statues and sculptures in this city.
Someone decided to give him a beer or two.. (no not me!)

And then you find the canal with the boats. It’s beautiful on a sunny day, or during the Jazz festival. They have bands along the canal, and I remember being impressed by the fact that people were allowed to drink beer on the streets.

At 9 pm I met Barbera, my roomie from back in March, who went home to work in one of the leading hotels. She made her debut in this blog with the bird story.
When she met me at the ship with her bike, I had to run and get mine as well.

Her bike was huge!! I had a laugh at it and its kick stand. But she could way outpedal my little fold-up bike. Plus, it turns out she payed the same price for her bike as I did for my car. Gulp..

She shows me her favourite castle. Guarding the entrance are two lions, one of which has a loose tongue. This is where the King stashed an extra key, for his lovers to come in, or for himself, if he came home at an odd time. Next time I will have more time to go and see the lion’s tongue personally. Maybe he left me a key!! 😉

We arrive at a bar. Copenhagen is expensive. My carrot Caiparinha was $20, and her Singapore Sling (she got hooked on them in Singapore) was $35!

I think the alcohol content alone made up for the price. I found my way back to the ship in time for our Midnight sail away.

Today, in Copenhagen again, I am meeting Babs for breakfast. I plan to see the lion’s tongue up close!

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2 Responses to >Copenhagen is my favourite city in the whole wide world

  1. Ginnie says:

    >This, too, is one of my favorite cities in the world, Stacey. You have brought back so many happy memories for me here in these pics!

  2. >Dear stacey. Holy cow, I can’t believe how expensive those drinks are! Good god. No wonder the danes I know here are so happy to be living in Kyiv where grog is cheap. But alcohol in all the Scando countries is exxy, isn’t it – state taxed and centrally controlled and all the like?

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