>Close Encounters with Reindeer

>On the way to Northcape a whole herd of reindeer was seen out the bus window, and unfortunately, I was sitting on the wrong side of the bus.

The reason I signed up for the tour to Northcape for a second time is that it promised a trip to a Sami camp and encounters with live reindeer, as you saw in the video yesterday.

Here he is, the Albino reindeer, and I got my picture with him (I looked horrible, sorry..)
I reached out and touched his velvety antlers. “Don’t touch the reindeer!” the Sami man said.

I didn’t realise that if you touch the reindeer’s antlers it is very painful for them.

Here we are looking at more reindeer

I hear reindeer milk is yummy..

Female reindeer lose their horns after giving birth. All the reindeer are owned by the Sami people, and they herd them south for the winter. They showed us a wonderful picture of all the reindeer swimming across an inlet.

There was a little gift shop for some reindeer souvenirs

I really liked the reindeer horn beer opener. We have enough antlers at home, though.
Don’t worry, the reindeer do shed their antlers.

We continued on with the drive to the Northcape. Our guide had a sneezing fit, and confessed her severe reindeer allergy to us. It is quite the problem for her.

What is the Northcape? Well, it’s 71 degrees north, and the most northern point of land in Europe. At least historically speaking.
There is actually a more northern piece of land over there (guide points and we squint..)

The king of Thailand landed in Northcape 100 years ago. Many Royals and the like have sailed around it and hiked up to it. Thank goodness they have a road these days.

This is what the big fuss is all about. A giant cliff.

With a monument to children around the world.

This was a big photo-op

Everything around here is advertised as “the most northern ____ in the world.”
It is a big opportunity to mail letters from, you guessed it,

The most northern Post Box in the world. Take your pick, for there are around 10 of them up there.

You can buy expensive souvenirs, or a poster (I liked this one of the midnight sun)

I just had to have another 100% fat ice cream with licorice sprinkles, and licorice sauce.

And a waffle. I don’t really understand waffles, do you?

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4 Responses to >Close Encounters with Reindeer

  1. Jul says:

    >Yet another place to add to my “I want to go there!” list. Very cool!

  2. Carole says:

    >I was going to say that you should write this around Christmas time, but then I realized that you’d never find a reindeer at that time of year – they’re all with Santa!Good job, and thanks for the reindeer insights.

  3. Ginnie says:

    >How many of us will ever see THAT, Stacey!The licorice on the ice cream makes you a woman after my own heart! (Donica can’t stand the stuff!)

  4. >Great photos!! and I ever thought that reindeers don’t exist! Thanks for sharing.

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