>78 degrees north

>So much for Spitzbergen.

I have to admit I didn’t give it a fair try – Going ashore for the last hour and taking a round-trip shuttle bus tour with Roque. But I get the feeling I didn’t miss much at the most northerly part of Norway we went to this cruise.
“I’m going on a coal mine tour!” announced someone as I almost sneezed coffee out my nose. Reminds me of when the ship docked in St John’s..

The coal mine turned out to be the big attraction. This place really reminded me of Nuuk, Greenland. Looking at a map later, I realised it was located on Svalbard island right in between Greenland and Norway.

Svalbard means something descriptive, like “cold rock”

We were warned about roaming polar bears. I wasn’t sure if they were serious, or..?

Just like in cold places in Canada (NOT Victoria) they have plugs for your car.

This is where the bus dropped us off

There was nothing there, except for the town church

“The top of the world!” Says Gaucho, in Spanish, or a jumble of other languages at once.

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2 Responses to >78 degrees north

  1. >Well, it’s certainly different from seeing deserts and pyramids and all those amazing sights (and sites) that you have experienced on this cruise.And what’s wrong with St John’s? Its my fave city in Canada!!

  2. Ginnie says:

    >LOL at Ex-S! :)I especially like your porthole pic, Stacey! You are such a good story teller, you know.

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