>I really just hope he owns a sock company

There is a Japanese man who cruises with us often who speaks little English.
This man always on his own, and has one badly deformed foot so is always hopping around. When I recognised him last year at the ice cream bar, he asked if I was his room stewardess. No, I replied, I play piano. Piano o-shimasu. “Wait right here!” He said, or something like that, and shuffled off. He must have gone all the way to his cabin and back, because 20 minutes later he returned with a pair of black stocking socks, for me! Wow. I was tickled. I wondered of the significance of it. Of course the guys in the band teased me (I attract all sorts of foot perverts, perhaps one day I will make an interesting post about) Although I find foot perverts extremely creepy, I found the Japanese man to be sweet. I thought maybe because of his deformed foot, he meant to remind us to be thankful, or just admired the perfection of other’s feet.
I hear he was giving them out to all the girls.
This cruise he is back, and I greeted him in the coffee shop. The same conversation ensued. “No, Piano o-shimasu!” Ohhh, pray piano, very nice.. I went and sat down at a table right in the corner to go over the schedule with a co-worker. Five minutes later, the Japanese man shuffles up, and much to the amusement of the Captain who was sitting next to us, presented me with a nude pair of the same socks! Wow! Domo arigato gozimasu!! Sugoi! I declared. I will wear them in the show tonight. The Captain watched with amazement.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wore them proudly on stage that formal night, in plain view, accompanied by a $700 dress.

And the next time I saw the Captain, he inquired after my socks.

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3 Responses to >I really just hope he owns a sock company

  1. Ginnie says:

    >I love it, Stacey! You are so politically correct. 🙂

  2. >Interesting that you know Nihongo! I love your blog and will be here for a while for a good reading. Honestly, what was the stocking for?

  3. >How strange? maybe the Japanese man is a multi millionaire sock factory owner, and just happens to have a suitcase full of socks wherever he goes, handing them out to all the girls. Or perhaps he is blackmailing the owner of a sock factory and gets paid in socks…. or perhaps he just loves socks….

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