>Viking Graveyards

>Carlos, our dark and broody lighting man, is not prone to giggles. But I think he had a nice day when I dragged him away from his lights for a 2 hour walk in Eidfjord, a small town in the middle of the Fjords of Norway.

It was a good four months before Carlos even spoke to me for the first time, inquiring about my favourite colour. When I asked why, he said “Colours are my life,” and walked away. What an intense statement, I thought, and what a strange dude. Now he is one of my favourites. He reads this blog, and him and his girlfriend Magdalena are very nice people.

We left the ship wondering what there was to see. I soon heard about some Viking graves, and decided we had to find them.

We climbed up a hill on the quest for bygone Vikings.

It is so nice to dock in the countryside.

Luckily I knew what to look for, and I spotted the Viking Cairns

Well, that was it, and we made the walk a circular one, and descended to the lake.

Like something out of Camelot, the lake was still and cold and misty, with a finely pebbled beach. We sat there for a while.

Time to go to work, we followed the river to the town.

We found a sour cherry tree in someone’s yard. Shameless, I reached over the fence and picked some to eat.

In town, Carlos was very excited to see the biggest doggie in the world. Look at the smiles on both of them!

We went to a snack bar/convenience store to get ice cream. I am always amused by these ketchup and mustard dispensers. It’s just like milking a reindeer, isn’t it!

Carlos is from the same town as Che Guevara, and was excited to see a tattoo of his countryman in the store.

And yes, the ice cream. I can’t believe I was too full to have one last ice cream, but I was happy to share my ice-cream discovery with Carlos.

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6 Responses to >Viking Graveyards

  1. >stacey this totally touches my heart! I feel more of an attachment, but also just enjoyed the photos so much!Love the colors too! Colors are my life also.

  2. grace says:

    >Hi Stacey, any idea how I can work for you ship? lolThe pictures looks like the beautiful calendars we have at home! I wish I could see even a bit of the places you’ve been to!

  3. Goofball says:

    >you seem to be on an eternal vacation.Lovely pictures, although it looked a bit chilly out there. Did you take rubber duckie along?

  4. >Carlos looks like a great guy to have along on an official Viking Grave expedition. He has a lovely smile!I love the misty lake, haven’t seen one of those for ages. And the view from your porthole…. quite different from your usual surroundings eh? (The “eh?” is to prove I’m Canadian.)

  5. tatiana says:

    >Breathtaking. Love these photos. They say it is wrong to envy another.. but I do envy your opportunity to travel and see the world as you do. Reading your blog allws me to live vicariously through your travels.Thank you for sharing.

  6. Ginnie says:

    >The Mists of Avalon/Camelot…indeed!I love the last pic from your porthole. You could make an entire photo book of porthole pics from your different cruises, Stacey!

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