>It’s Raining in Helsinki..

>Or at least it was last month when I took these pictures.

We are there again tomorrow and I will be busy with not one, but two piano tuners. Who knows if I can go ashore, or when.

One of my missions for the day was to find some piano keys (for a lock).
I asked this nice man where there was a store that sells big grand pianos. It was a bit of a confusing request, no, I don’t want to buy a big grand piano, I just want a key for one. In the end I hopped in his electric taxi-bike and he drove me there on the sidewalks for 4 euro.

Canned Bear meat fetched a pretty penny
(too rich for my blood, let me know next time you shoot a bear, Dad!)

The workers monument is interesting

Somehow Finland narrowly escaped being annexed by the Soviet Union, merely because they were a part of Russia once but gained their independence right before the revolution.

A strawberry summer is being advertised on the big department store windows. I bought some and they are yummy.

You can take the green tram to see all the city sights.

We were there again last week. This time the sun was shining, and I didn’t bring the camera.
But I did buy a small barbecue!! Like a hibachi, this one is called the Inferno, and it is cute and a girlish baby blue. I just need to find some charcoal and raw meat/tofu. The crew are excited about my new barbecue and we are planning an outing soon. Although, I am not sure how many steaks/tofu I can throw on there at once!

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3 Responses to >It’s Raining in Helsinki..

  1. grace says:

    >I am terribly missing strawberries now that I’ve seen your picture. Stockholm looks really great.

  2. grace says:

    >I meant Helsinki!

  3. Ginnie says:

    >What’s fun about these posts, Stacey, is that while I am somewhat familiar with these cities from when we were there last summer, they still seem different/new because of YOUR take on them. I love it!

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