>Requiem for a Friend

>All the crew has had death on their minds the past couple of days. No-one is sleeping well, yet it is amazing how life is just going on. A couple of days ago we got word that our friend and fellow crew member EJ died of something heart related, 2 days after returning home. And that’s all anyone knows. It was a little bit shocking because when he left the ship last week none of us thought we would ever see him again. You see, he was the friendly crew member who got a free ticket home.

EJ, you were a fun loving guy, a generous soul, a dedicated partier and a big part of everyone’s life here. And you put way too much salt on your food, to which you had a great comeback line that I can never remember. Did we know you? We knew you here. You didn’t miss a minute of your life and we will miss you even though we probably would never have seen you again anyways. I will never forget your spirit and your insane stories of growing up in a turbulent South Africa, of racial conflict and of your many lashings in the all-boys school. Not the best stories if you want a peaceful night’s sleep but entertainig none the less.

I will never forget the day on the beach in Grand Turk where I found the old glass bottle in the ocean and got a scar on my leg. It wasn’t your fault that I fell in the hole in the sidewalk. I always knew the scar was just a memory for a great day.

“You looked hot in that bikini with that bottle you found, it’s one of my favourite pictures….” you said, “But you gotta face it, Aline is practically perfect..”

Which she is.

Sadly, the complete bottle didn’t make it through Customs. I had to empty out the contents in the bathroom of the Vancouver airport for the 20 minute flight to Victoria.

And I will never forget the lovely head dress you got in Oman, although you will never get this photo from me like I promised, so here it is.

Now that I look at all the photos, I realise how much time I spent around the world with you.

You were there for that dinner in Buenos Aires

All through the Amazon

And of course, Asia was amazing.

What was that hotel where I ran into you, when we were all boarding the ship, and I played you guys a song in that restaurant where no-one spoke english? The people at the front desk wouldn’t acknowledge my reservation and you offered to sleep on the floor? It seemed foreign, and tropical, and Spanish. I laugh as I remember it was Miami.

Yes, you will be missed EJ. I will try and remember how special my friends are from now on.

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