>A Trip to Rimsky’s House with Min

>I have a lot of posts yet to show you that I haven’t had time to write yet. I have uploaded pictures and havent sat down to write the stories. In this situation the pictures are at least a month old and I do lose enthusiasm for writing them as the time goes on.
So here it starts with a series of St Petersburg stories.

Min, a concert pianist in her own right, phoned me up and wanted to have a musical day ashore with me. Since St Petersburg was the home of so many great Russian composers, we thought we stood a chance of finding a musical museum or two.

I know St Petersburg a lot better than Min, so I led the way around town. Also, I have a secret superpower – I can read Russian. Very helpful, if only in these situations.

I took her to one of my favourite places for a quick lunch. A quick meal in St Petersburg is impossible, unless you eat Blini (crepes). This place is a Blini chain, and you line up and pick your topping..

Pick your salad…
(I don’t understand the neccesity of these two going together, and I don’t understand these Russian salads, all a mixture of mayonnaise mixed with some unidentifiable vegetables or meat. Check out the purple one…)

You pick your loose tea, and size of teapot

It doesn’t cost much. And this is fast food!
Not being a mayonnaise fan, I wasn’t impressed with the sauce. Sometimes you point at something that looks like a filling but it’s actually a topping.

We decided to go and see Rimsky Korsikof’s apartment, which is turned into a museum.
What did he write? All I can think of is Flight of the Bumblebee. Thanks a lot, Rimsky.

It’s not a long walk from Nevsky Prospect

We pass the inevitable vegetable-wielding Babushkas.

Luckily, I was able to put my secret superpower to some use.
“Look, it says Rimsky-Korsikoff!”

We entered a courtyard of some apartment blocks

We put on little plastic booties. It’s just like Dry Dock!

On Rimsky’s desk are a bunch of different calling cards. I remembered the calling cards from the book Anna Kereina, it must have been the fashion.
“Look, Shostacovich was here!”

On the wall were pictures of other famous composers. Look, you can see Beethoven on the top right.

Don’t touch Rimsky’s piano… We got a souvenir photo. We’re not really playing it.

We found a piano that was for playing and Min played a concert. She has played at Carnegie Hall.

But who hasn’t, these days… 🙂

We left Rimsky’s apartment for.. well, you will have to wait and see, won’t you!

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2 Responses to >A Trip to Rimsky’s House with Min

  1. >The post about Nicholia R-K was worth waiting for. I agree that if you don’t post about an event or experience ASAP, it does lose some of it’s charm, but only for the person writing it, the people reading it are just as fascinated.It’s like having our own personal tour guide taking us to all the places we’ll probably never visit in person…. and WAY better than reading a guide book.So keep it up!Great post.

  2. Ginnie says:

    >Total DITTO to Ex-S’s comment!And you can read Russian!?! I’m so impressed!!! Seriously!!!

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